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CRE and the Importance of Managing Mixed-Use Portfolios in one Platform

Richard Smith, founder and CEO of Office Freedom, a major flexible workspace brokerage, says that growing pains in the industry lie, in part, in the fact that there are so many names and descriptions without a single global term to standardize offerings. During an Allwork podcast last spring, he mentioned executive suites, business centers, serviced […]

Advantages of Implementing a Hybrid Model

While many have embraced remote work, there are those who wish for things to go back to how they were before the pandemic. However, many companies have given up on the hope of returning to the office full time as most employees have no plans of renouncing remote work. Flexibility and hybrid work seem to […]

Flexibility in the Future: Why Your Workspace Needs It

“Unexpected” is the word to describe the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Not only how quickly it took over the world, but also how it affected everything we once considered normal. Before the pandemic, traditional office spaces were the only places to go to work, and then, unexpectedly, our homes turned into our […]

Marketing Tips for Coworking Spaces

The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic came with challenges for coworking spaces. Although undoubtedly a rising popular option for many companies around the world, with work-from-home becoming the main, and in some cases, the only option for employees in the last (almost) two years, coworking spaces had to close their doors. However, with safety measures […]

GCUC 2021 Recap: The Impact of COVID-19 on Office Real Estate and the Future of Work

With the pandemic forcing companies to embrace a “work from anywhere” policy faster than they may have anticipated, the need for flexible workspaces rapidly increased to accommodate employees’ needs in terms of a workplace structure. For this reason, this year’s GCUC North America Conference focused on providing traditional office landlords and entrepreneurs with all the […]