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Yardi Kube Space Management Professional

Manage flex space, members and prospects with enterprise-level accounting and reporting

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Automate coworking operations with centralized financial management and integrated portals for members, prospects and staff

Built-in accounting

  • Streamline financial management by integrating with Yardi Voyager
  • Get all the benefits of using the industry standard for real estate accounting
  • Gain full visibility into billing, current month and recurring charges and one-time use items, without sync or delay times

Automated billing & reporting

  • Automate billing and payment processes
  • Increase visibility into business metrics and get detailed reports
  • Automate accounts receivable, track charges, send invoices, accept and deposit payments

Visualization and Optimization

  • Attract new members by showcasing your space, amenities and offerings with a white label prospect portal
  • Show floor plans with real-time availability, complete transactions online and sign up new members
  • Enhance member communication, automate bookings and purchases
  • Customize services and offerings by location

Visitor & access management

  • Increase security and convenience with automated visitor management
  • Provide 24/7 access to workspace and meeting rooms with integrated door access control
  • Confidently monetize your busiest conference rooms
  • Create unique credentials for members of the operations team

Why Choose Yardi Kube Space Management Pro?


  • Work from anywhere with access to a centralized mobile database
  • Improve efficiency with a connected solution for coworking space management
  • Connect directly to Voyager and seamlessly manage flex space as part of your asset portfolio



  • Accelerate contract execution by enabling members to sign agreements electronically via secure online application
  • Eliminate manual billing and paperwork, increase revenue and gain insight with metrics and KPIs
  • Open a new space easily with automated invoicing and customizable reporting                   

Looking for a more simplified solution?

Yardi Kube Space Management is the ideal platform to manage prospects, members and operations with an end-to-end solution for coworking locations and flexible workspaces. Space Management includes all the essential features without enterprise-level accounting and reporting.

Yardi Kube Space Management and Space Management Professional seamlessly connect with Yardi Kube IT Management to provide members with secure, reliable Wi-Fi at the speeds and performance levels they need.

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