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Yardi Kube is consistently the platform of choice for the largest and fastest growing coworking operations, from Premier Workspaces to Office Evolution.

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What sets us apart

  • Flexibility
    You can choose to source your services such as internet directly from Yardi Kube or directly from premium providers such as Google Fiber. The adaptability of our platform ensures that your workspaces are future-proofed and will keep up with technology changes.
  • Fully Encompassing
    Leverage member, prospect and operator portals to manage all aspects of your day-to-day operations and facilitate member interaction and self service.
  • Global Support
    We have local support offices with a dedicated team of engineers ready to help.
  • Automation
    Automate the sales process from lead generation to proposal and execution. Increase efficiency and ease of access to contacts, tasks and data.
  • Increase Revenue
    Turn your website into a revenue source by offering available spaces and services online that can be purchased in real-time, using CommercialCafe for coworking.

How Can Yardi Kube Maximize Your Coworking Space?

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