The Future of Niche Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have already made their push towards taking over the future of work, with more and more companies finding this solution to be more profitable and comfortable for both the company and its employees. With more members and more specific requirements, coworking space owners and operators have had to adapt to attract users and […]

GWA Webinar Recap: Capitalizing on Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on the office sector. While coworking spaces were a popular option among startups and individual members, they have become a top choice for corporate occupiers, as well, due to the flexibility they offer in lease terms and facilitated office culture. With an increased demand for hybrid workspaces […]

Top 5 Features of the Yardi Kube Member Mobile App

As a coworking space operator or owner, having the proper tools to manage your space is essential. For this reason, many owners and operators rely on workspace management software solutions. One such coworking software is by Yardi Kube. With its all-in-one flexible management platform, Yardi Kube allows you to market your space, streamline operations, enhance […]

Must-Have Technology to Keep Your Coworking Space Safe

Technology in coworking spaces has greatly advanced over the years, both to the benefit of owners and operators, but also to users. From streamlined work processes to space optimization and improved usage of office resources, technology is essential in running a safe and productive workplace. With the COVID-19 pandemic still present as companies push to […]

GCUC 2021 Recap: The Impact of COVID-19 on Office Real Estate and the Future of Work

With the pandemic forcing companies to embrace a “work from anywhere” policy faster than they may have anticipated, the need for flexible workspaces rapidly increased to accommodate employees’ needs in terms of a workplace structure. For this reason, this year’s GCUC North America Conference focused on providing traditional office landlords and entrepreneurs with all the […]