How to Boost SEO for Coworking Spaces

The target market for coworking space is comprised of tech-savvy workers more likely to discover your business online than anywhere else. In order to grow and attract new members, your online brand should be thoughtful and unique, and a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can ensure your space appeals to prospective members. Search engine optimization […]

Coworking Spaces Embrace the Digital Nomad

Coworking spaces today cater to corporations, niche markets and other segments, but the roots of the industry stem from the entrepreneur and independent worker market. Digital nomads are a population of independent workers who can operate remotely with technology-enabled positions. According to MBO Partners, nearly 5 million independent workers fit the digital nomad description, with […]

2019 GWA Conference Recap

The 2019 GWA Conference, held this earlier this month in Washington, D.C., examined the latest trends in coworking. Yardi Kube was once again a platinum sponsor of this well-attended event, demonstrating a commitment to the coworking industry and showcasing new updates to the comprehensive coworking management platform. Let’s recap some of the highlights from conference breakout […]

Is The Growth Of Coworking Sustainable?

While the coworking industry has continued to grow at a steady and consistent pace, economic factors and the oft-referenced bell curve could possibly signify that this growth may not last. Let’s analyze whether this consistency is being challenged and whether its sustainable in the near future. Corporate Coworking One of the primary reasons to believe […]

How Local Coworking Operators Can “Beat” Big Name Brands

Looking back on the origins of the coworking industry, the Regus brand dominated the market. As much as Regus is still a huge force to this day, WeWork has also emerged as an industry leader. As of 2018, WeWork was valued at roughly $20 billion. But as we know, the shared workspace industry now is immersed with […]

Shared Space Office Design Fails to Avoid

Just as much as it can lead to a positive impact on your members, the design of a shared space can easily hinder productivity and success.  Even if all the other pieces for a healthy, profitable space are in place – reliable internet, great technological infrastructure, high retention rate – a poorly designed coworking space can deter […]