Virtual Offices and Their Role in the Flexible Future of Work

Virtual offices have served a great purpose during the pandemic as they allowed coworkers to keep in touch and collaborate without being together in an office. They have allowed employees to save money, eliminate commute time and even support flexible working hours. Taking remote work to another level, virtual offices allow those working remotely to […]

Creating the Right Work Environment for Your Occupiers: Office Design Trends and Tips

Providing occupiers with the right work environment is essential to ensuring their satisfaction. This relies greatly on creating the right conditions for workspace energy which allows users to feel relaxed, happy, productive and able to easily connect and collaborate with others. When it comes to coworking spaces, this responsibility falls on owners and operators to […]

Leverage the Yardi Commercial ILS Network to Boost Exposure for Your Coworking and Flex Spaces

Hybrid offices and flexible work schedules are perhaps the biggest changes in workforce behaviors in decades. Companies planning for employee re-entry are now bracing for challenging times: how do we accommodate remote-friendly policies while keeping a vibrant, collaborative, empowering physical office space? For many employers, flexible workplaces are an ideal solution post-pandemic: shared and coworking […]

Flexible Workspaces: What They Are and How They Meet Occupiers’ Needs

As companies are embracing hybrid work, flexible workspaces are becoming a popular solution to make that happen. While returning to the office full time is not something many companies are looking for, they find that having an office space to be used by employees whenever they want is important. Furthermore, having a more flexible work […]

5 Top Coworking Hubs in Phoenix

Since Phoenix’s tech scene started gaining momentum, more and more coworking hubs began popping up in the city to meet the demands of eager entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-up companies choosing to base themselves in the Arizona metropolis. Today, the supply of coworking spaces in Phoenix is quite high. So, to save you some precious time, […]