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Yardi Kube IT Management

Deliver secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to individual members and corporate users.

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Simplify and centralize your flexible workspace IT needs

Yardi Kube IT Management improves connectivity, centralizes Wi-Fi management and secures your network. Benefit from minimal infrastructure and a less intrusive, cost-effective solution for a fully connected coworking space. Adding, moving and updating service levels is simplified with an online portal to manage changes from anywhere.

Tailored data packages

  • Partition and bill bandwidth in real time
  • Deliver fast, flexible and robust Wi-Fi
  • Customize speed and performance level based on user need
  • Flex Wi-Fi parameters at the touch of a button to respond quickly to member’s adhoc bandwidth needs

Enterprise-level connectivity

  • Deliver high-performance connectivity with seamless integration between all of your members’ devices
  • Ensure high-performance coworking Wi-Fi with uniform building coverage
  • Centralize data management with a fast, dependable and secure network
  • Provide members visibility of their bandwidth utilization

Technical support

  • We provide a full-service onsite hardware team to help you implement the perfect Wi-Fi and network infrastructure
  • Helpdesk support during business hours and onsite technical support when needed
  • Easy access to self-service support and training materials

Analytics and insights

  • Gain visibility of usage reports and connectivity data to streamline management operations
  • Monitor performance, identify upgrade opportunities and maximize user experience
  • Monetise bandwidth for companies and members with our versatile traffic manager

Why Choose Yardi Kube IT Management?


  • Offer Wi-Fi roaming and single sign in that ensures members can stay connected to their secure network at any location
  • Allow members to easily make changes to their bandwidth requirements as and when needed


  • Prevent loss of connectivity by ensuring protection from external and internal threats
  • Strengthen network security without sacrificing service and connection
  • Mitigate risks with up to date hardware


  • Gain visibility into bandwidth usage through detailed reports and analytics
  • Make better decisions with real-time data
  • Discover upselling opportunities and design the right data packages for your members

Yardi Kube IT Management seamlessly connects with Yardi Kube Space Management into a single connected platform for flexible workspace management.

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