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Top Takeaways from “Remaking the Office for a New Era” Whitepaper 

Amid recent turbulence within the office market, certain elements persist unchanged. Office space continues to represent a significant portion of corporate expenditures, despite the availability of remote work options. While the complete ramifications of costs and benefits such as collaboration and productivity are yet to fully materialize, vacancy rates have surged to 17.5%, reported CommercialSearch. […]

Best Metros for a Short and Eco-Friendly Commute

Highlights Long commute times have always been an issue for workers in the US. Long distances, rush hour and a majority choosing to drive to work have all contributed to workers wasting a lot of their time driving to and from work. While the pandemic has led to a new normal of working remotely, this […]

Leverage the Yardi Commercial ILS Network to Boost Exposure for Your Coworking and Flex Spaces

Hybrid offices and flexible work schedules are perhaps the biggest changes in workforce behaviors in decades. Companies planning for employee re-entry are now bracing for challenging times: how do we accommodate remote-friendly policies while keeping a vibrant, collaborative, empowering physical office space? For many employers, flexible workplaces are an ideal solution post-pandemic: shared and coworking […]