How to Staff a Coworking Space

More than service, management, and experience. The staff within your Coworking space represents your brand and culture. They are the ones who your members interact with while you work to grow the space. Our recent e-book, Staffing Your Coworking Space: The Survival Guide, covers what you need to know for both hiring and managing the […]

The Three Core Principles of Billing for Shared Spaces

Having a system in place for billing can make the difference between a simple task taking a single click or having your staff work overtime. Billing is a critical component to managing your members, ensuring the financial stability of your workspace, and having a clear outlook for the growth of your workspace. If you think […]

Reviewing The Global Workspace Industry Financial Survey by GWA

In Spring 2017, the Global Workspace Association conducted their annual Industry survey. This year’s findings seemed to highlight that 2017 was a year of “More Players, More Profit, and More Productivity.” The Global Workspace Association is a professional organization of industry leaders, workspace operators, corporate real estate professionals and more. The goal of this report […]

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Coworking Space?

Among the essentials to opening a Coworking space there will be costs associated with every step that you take. The most important ones to consider are the ones associating with opening a space, keeping the place in operation, and finding the ways to grow the space. These subjects will be further touched upon in our […]