Yardi Kube Most Impactful Publications of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, the coworking industry continues to evolve and grow into a larger segment of the commercial real estate world. This year has been full of new insights, analysis and predictions. Let’s take a look back on the most impactful Yardi Kube publications of the year, based on readership and feedback. […]

Shared Space Office Design Fails to Avoid

Just as much as it can lead to a positive impact on your members, the design of a shared space can easily hinder productivity and success.  Even if all the other pieces for a healthy, profitable space are in place – reliable internet, great technological infrastructure, high retention rate – a poorly designed coworking space can deter […]

4 Signs Your Coworking Technology Is Getting Outdated

The need for top of the line technology grows along with the evolution and growth of Coworking. We recently looked at what features you should make sure you have in your management platform. Now, let’s take a look at the signs its time to upgrade the technology in your space. Is your technology outdated and […]

5 Features to Look For in Your Coworking Management Software

As an operator, you’ll have many choices when selecting a Coworking management platform to power your shared space. Similar to shopping for anything else, you’ll compare pros and cons and check what features each choice provides. However, it is of the utmost importance to know that these five features are included in your software. Robust […]

Yardi Kube – Most Impactful Publications 2018

As you are probably well aware by now, 2018 was quite the year for the Yardi Kube brand. Not only did we fully transition from WUN Kube to Yardi, but we announced the launch of the all-new Yardi Kube platform. We also produced a great deal of content via several avenues, be it in-depth reports, […]

Yardi Kube Preview – Q/A Forum Recap

As we approach the much anticipated release of the new Yardi Kube platform, we conducted a client-exclusive Q/A session to address a variety of topics. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we cannot wait to debut the new Yardi Kube. We will beta launch in January, and full roll-out is set for April. Below, we’re going […]