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Critical Components to Increase Coworking Space Visibility

There are several critical components and processes associated with opening a Coworking and/or shared space. Once you have those doors open, getting people to see the “yes, we’re open” sign is another challenge within itself. The two main components needed to increase Coworking space visibility are building an online presence and making your space accessible for better conversions. Making your […]

Access Control Software for Shared Spaces: Beyond Door Locks

In the never-ending pursuit of business success, the security of your data and the members that fill your space are just as important as any technology you use. Securing digital data by password protecting the wireless Internet is the first step. But what about keeping the office space closed and private? This is where keyless access control is […]

Why Commercial Real Estate Investors are Turning to Coworking

With our industry continuing to grow rapidly, it’s important to understand why commercial real estate investors are turning toward Coworking. Coworking and shared spaces have been vital for several groups of professionals, including early-stage small businesses and freelancers. From entrepreneurs running a one-man show to large companies investing in shared space, the ‘niche’ is expanding. For CRE investors, some […]