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How to Staff a Coworking Space


More than service, management, and experience. The staff within your Coworking space represents your brand and culture. They are the ones who your members interact with while you work to grow the space. Our recent e-book, Staffing Your Coworking Space: The Survival Guide, covers what you need to know for both hiring and managing the people within your workspace. The challenge lies in being able to strike a balance between operating, maintaining, and being there for your members. Here are three common questions new operators ask the most.

What Coworking Management Skills Are You Looking For?

As far as skills go, the most important thing is to make sure that you have the following Coworking solutions covered:

  • Senior Leadership/Top Management
  • Operations/Customer Service
  • Member Management/Community Manager
  • Marketing Manager/Director

What you need to do is choose between how much of a personal experience you’d like with your customer service or how much you would like to offer avenues for self-service. Both approaches work well depending on your mission with your community and how you’d like to customize your experience.

Does Experience in Shared Workspaces Matter?

Experience doesn’t matter. What you’re looking for is to build the culture. You should hire someone who has the attitude and work ethic to learn how to operate the space. The goal is to train someone who can help raise productivity, increase sales, save on time, and bring up the morale.

Here are the qualities you should look into the most:

  • Whether the candidate can receive and understand feedback from both management and members.
  • Whether the candidate is motivated to help build the community and grow the workspace.
  • Whether the candidate is competent to serve and assist with members without the help of their superiors.

 What is Most Cost-Effective Practice to Utilize?

The best practice for maximizing your staff’s effort and staying lean is by having a trusted Coworking management software that can optimize time and eliminating manual processes. With a coworking platform in place you can automate billing, member management, and have all your technology synchronized to one system. This will save countless hours that would otherwise be allocated to repeating manual tasks while also reducing the risk of human error. Best of all, this opens more time for your staff to work closer with members and help you grow your space.

For more information on how to hire and manage the staff of your Coworking space, please check out our recent e-book Staffing Your Coworking Space: The Survival Guide which you can download here.

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