Is The Growth Of Coworking Sustainable?

While the coworking industry has continued to grow at a steady and consistent pace, economic factors and the oft-referenced bell curve could possibly signify that this growth may not last. Let’s analyze whether this consistency is being challenged and whether its sustainable in the near future. Corporate Coworking One of the primary reasons to believe […]

How Local Coworking Operators Can “Beat” Big Name Brands

Looking back on the origins of the coworking industry, the Regus brand dominated the market. As much as Regus is still a huge force to this day, WeWork has also emerged as an industry leader. As of 2018, WeWork was valued at roughly $20 billion. But as we know, the shared workspace industry now is immersed with […]

Critical Components to Increase Coworking Space Visibility

There are several critical components and processes associated with opening a Coworking and/or shared space. Once you have those doors open, getting people to see the “yes, we’re open” sign is another challenge within itself. The two main components needed to increase Coworking space visibility are building an online presence and making your space accessible for better conversions. Making your […]

Access Control Software for Shared Spaces: Beyond Door Locks

In the never-ending pursuit of business success, the security of your data and the members that fill your space are just as important as any technology you use. Securing digital data by password protecting the wireless Internet is the first step. But what about keeping the office space closed and private? This is where keyless access control is […]