CRM and Lead Management for Coworking and Shared Spaces


What is “smart” lead management? How does it apply to Coworking, and how can it be beneficial to the operation and growth of your workspace?

The benefits to having CRM (Customer Relations Management) for your Coworking or shared space includes the ability to measure and analyze the behavior of your members, find new options for revenue, and create new avenues for connecting your community. Here is how Yardi Kube improves the overall management process for Coworking.

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Simplify Your Operations

Yardi Kube’s CRM and Lead Management was created to help you stay on top of leads and opportunities. When members and guests sign on, our CRM automatically captures the information of all guests and members. This information is updated in real time and synchronized to all aspects of the platform.

This flow of information transfers seamlessly through a self-service interface, cutting down the time needed to manually process this critical information.

For instance, one of the features we offer includes having a sign up form that looks like any other page on your website. Utilizing these features can help you generate leads without using any of your staff to manually process them.

The CRM will enable you, the operator, to log your prospect follow ups, via email or call. Track each contact individually and assign further actions respectively.

Also, consider the benefits of having a system tracking response rate and interactions. Manual tasks like these are a thing of the past.

The proposal builder feature on Yardi Kube is an extremely helpful tool which tracks the history of the contracts you’ve made with a client or offers you’ve made to a prospect. This automated tracking lets you reassess your strategies as needed to lock down that potential deal. Yardi Kube stores all your signed contracts in a centralized database. No more word docs and excel spreadsheets!

CRM for Coworking


It Can Be the Secret Weapon to Your Marketing

With the information captured via the Yardi Kube CRM, you can use this information for your marketing initiatives. This includes upselling special membership packages and offerings to guests and virtual members. You could also use this information for newsletter marketing, constructing the perfect list of recipients ready to read your message.

The CRM can also prove itself useful for understanding what kind of offerings are in demand from your members and guests thanks to our real-time reporting.  Utilizing any of these components requires no need to update any of the captured data. It is all automated through our turn-key solution for Coworking lead management.

CRM for Coworking

It Connects Your Community and Members

Enhance your community with simplified communication and collaboration through a robust customer directory that’s updated in real time. All user data that is captured through the CRM data is automatically categorized by industry and skill set, amongst other fields.

Through our streamlined avenues for communication, you can bring members together for events, collaborative projects, and special announcements. This is where our system of lead management continues to go the extra mile.

Our CRM and Lead Management is designed to go beyond expectations for your members while simplifying the operational process. With less admin and more advancement, Yardi Kube will help you work to grow your space, beyond simply maintaining it.

Enhance the operator experience and the member experience through a system that connects, communicates, and creates new opportunities. To learn more about Yardi Kube and our CRM, please contact us using the link below.