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Critical Components to Increase Coworking Space Visibility


There are several critical components and processes associated with opening a Coworking and/or shared space. Once you have those doors open, getting people to see the “yes, we’re open” sign is another challenge within itself. The two main components needed to increase Coworking space visibility are building an online presence and making your space accessible for better conversions.

Making your Coworking space more visible extends beyond having a present location and staff in place to close prospects.

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Building Your Online Presence

The first step is taking advantage of the location of your shared space. Through Google, you can leverage your address without spending any money on marketing whatsoever.

Proximity often influences search results. By setting up your address and optimizing the descriptions, images/videos, and information about your location, you can have this information leverage the physical results on Google.

The next step to building your online presence is content marketing. Before you get into traditional advertising or media buying, having content that best highlights your workspace and engages your audience is the backbone for making your space stand out against others.

Produce branded content on your website. Blogs (like this one), videos, infographics, webinars, newsletters, and e-books (like this one), will all help you can bridge communication between you and your prospects for a next level experience in engagement.

With your content you can educate visitors on the benefits to your shared space while also reaching out to current members to further engage them. Remember, if you create a great community, and give your members ample support for what they want to accomplish, their voices will be one of your biggest marketing assets. Word of mouth travels fast, and even faster when your members turn to social media.

Furthermore, through a lead management system you can always stay in communication, following up with prospects as you see fit.

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Making Your Space More Accessible for Conversion

Once you start seeing prospects coming through your door, the next critical component is making your space more accessible for easier transactions.

Improve the self-service aspect of your website (or mobile app, if you’ve gotten that far). For visitors, this can prove to be an invaluable asset to your Coworking space. And for members, this is a key method for retention. You can have members sign up and book spaces without ever having to speak to anyone in your staff.

If your site does not have a clear path for converting leads and prospects, you will run the risk of having your visitors check out your competition to see if they can make easier bookings through their site.

If you have the time, staff, and financial resources available, consider providing a live chat feature on your website. Create a simplified sign-up process connected to an automated lead management system. All of these details make you stand out in a competitive market.

The other key to making your space more manageable involves making your operation scalable for meeting increasing demand.

Stay prepared for growth by having a system in place to simplify billing, membership contracts, as well as the utilization of services.

Keep in mind that meeting the demand of your current members, creating lasting relationships, and raising your rate of member retention enables the ultimate form of making your workspace visible, like we said before, word of mouth.

By establishing your branding presence and making your Coworking space more manageable for your visitors to convert, you can increase the attraction between you and your prospects while staying in sight.

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