Connected Solutions

WUNHD and Scalability. Workspace Management Services For The Growth or Shared Space


Per what I found on Google, Scalability seems to be defined as “the capacity to be changed in size or scale.” Or “the ability of a computing process to be used or produced in a range of capabilities.” I’m sitting here between these two definitions because the WUNHD Platform does both. We created our services to not just meet the needs of your workspace, but to meet your growth.

As you succeed in growing your space, you’ll see a jump in members as well as the demand for your services. We embrace this challenge by offering products and amenities that are scalable to the needs of you and your members through our unique Workspace Management Services.

To Your Needs.

Through the WUNHD platform you can streamline all your operations. For instance, with WUN Voice you only pay for the phone lines you’re using. Our other services, such as Data, Wi-Fi, and Internet follows through a model to which you can full manage. With our Wi-Fi, you can manage private networks, member packages, bandwidth handling, and hot-mapping to track the usage by your members. This also applies to Door Control, where you can track the hours your members are present and stay open 24 hours.

To Your Growth.

Not only can you streamline all operations through WUNHD, you can take it to the next level waving the white-labeled flag all the way. Through our award-winning software, you can connect with your growing community through an easy to access portal, provide billing and invoicing for all tenants, track hours and usage of your resources by members, and through a CRM you can add on multiple venues, set up new membership packages, provide virtual memberships, add new conference rooms, and even provide hot-desking services. If you are expanding, the WUNHD Platform will never be left behind.

This year we’re taking it to another level with new API’s and integrations coming into the fold. These new additions will continue to further the promise of providing a “smarter” workplace experience. Should you have any questions or need training on providing these services for your members, training can be found in the knowledge base of the WUNHD platform.  If you currently don’t have Yardi Kube or are interested in picking up more services from WUN, you can click the button below to schedule a demo.