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Understanding The WUNHD Interactive Floorplan for Flexible and Shared Spaces


One of the most acclaimed features of the WUNHD Platform includes the Interactive Floorplan. Through our comprehensive workspace management platform, we offer a real-time view of your space, designed and branded to your preference. Our interactive floorplan has been commended by clients for helping monetize their spaces, providing thorough reporting, and featuring an easy-to-customize interface to keep your facility up to date. Through our dashboard, you can upload your own floorplan specific to your location, and organize each area where your services and tenants are located. You are also able to color-code your floor plan specific to membership types and vacancies.

One of the inspirations behind the interactive floor plan was to enter the mind of department store manager, one who uses proprietary metrics to measure the profitability of every square inch of his store. Through the convenience of the dashboard as well as the implementation into our own CRM, this goal can be achieved. The interactive floor plan also grants the ability to view inventory and incorporate proposals. A virtual review of your occupancy, availability, and rent history can be viewed for each office.

Furthermore, if your space is going through any changes, you can always update and/or rebrand the live floorplan to capture the data going on in real time. This is fully customizable and runs in synchronization with all aspects of your workspace management including your calendar and booking options. Through the WUNHD CRM you can pull reports and analytics highlighting several factors including conversions, future occupancy, and onboarding.

When it comes to creating a smarter workspace, our interactive floorplan helps provide a blueprint for maximizing the potential of your space. Should you have any questions or need training on providing these services for your members, training can be found in the knowledge base of the WUNHD platform.  If you currently don’t have Yardi Kube or are interested in picking up more services from WUN, you can click the button below to schedule a demo.