Make The Most of Your Shared Space Software with Instant Proposals


Proposals can be a hassle. Doing them manually can not only be an operational nightmare, but they can also be inaccurate in terms of what exactly your members are paying for, and what services you can allocate for them. Some of these factors can include having internet connectivity issues and overcrowding of members in ways your workspace cannot manage. Not to mention, taking too much time to create proposals that aren’t accurate can affect your profitability in more ways than one.

Fortunately, Yardi Kube has a feature within the portal capable of generating customizable proposals in a matter of minutes. Electronic proposals from Yardi Kube’ Coworking Space Software are easy, compelling, digital, and on-demand.   Once filed and accepted, you can ensure a secure transfer between you and your signees, with digital signatures as well.

What takes proposals from the WUNHD platform to the next level are the customization options included within the module. These customizations are not just for branding purposes, but also for accuracy. Not only can you white label your proposals to go out via email, you can also attach a floorplan, assess set-up fees, provide amenities such as complimentary room usage, create your own terms and conditions, and even offer tiered pricing plans.

The benefits to using WUNHD for includes accuracy, the ability to white label your proposals to your branding, and to go the extra mile in providing the best in customer service for your members. Should you have any questions or need training on providing these services for your members, training can be found in the knowledge base of the WUNHD platform.  If you currently don’t have Yardi Kube or are interested in picking up more services from WUN, you can click the button below to schedule a demo.