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Making the Most of The Master Calendar For Your Workspace


As mentioned in a previous post, one of the new features for 2017 we’re most excited about with the WUNHD Platform is the implementation of our new Master Calendar. Not just with new features for booking in real time, but we’ve added in new amenities to help make the most of the experience for your members. Inspired by feedback from our customers, as well as new ideas from our engineers, the Master Calendar of Yardi Kube provides a better connection between all parties.

New Options

Our platform now has a master view from the front end, the customer portal, as well as the resell portal, respectively. Furthermore, direct booking is now allowed with a view of real-time availability. With our real time availability options comes the option to book for present and upcoming days.

The logic of the calendar booking has also been updated to provide for more flexibility. You can choose to make the booking for 15 min, 30 mins, hourly, half day, or daily.

Mobile and Guest Booking Made Easier

Booking as a guest has been simplified significantly. All you need to have to book a room is an email confirmation.  New options for requests, check-ins, changes and cancellations are also available to guests. We also followed this up with an option for booking directly by mobile. Even if you’re connected from a smart phone, you can book your space in real time.

Customization Options

You can now apply templates and HTML features to help brand and customize the interface of the booking calendar. Through the on-boarding wizard as well as the venues section of the dashboard you can change various display settings to your liking.

We hope our new calendar features go the extra mile in connecting you and all members of your workspace. Should you have any questions or need training on providing these services for your members, training can be found in the knowledge base of the WUNHD platform.  If you currently don’t have Yardi Kube or are interested in picking up more services from WUN, you can click the button below to schedule a demo.