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Coworking Trends in 2024 

2024 is an exciting year in coworking, especially when looking at the trends. On the one hand, there are the industry changes, the statistics. Who are the people who choose coworking spaces? What do they want? What does the competition look like? On the other hand, it’s the space itself. This year is all about […]

Here’s how Digital Nomads Can Make the Most out of Self Storage

The past couple of years have seen a surge in the number of people mixing work with play. Working remotely is here to stay, which allows many to try the digital nomad lifestyle. It can be a truly rewarding experience, getting to travel and enjoy new places while also being able to further your career. […]

What are Digital Nomads Missing? New Survey Results Have the Answers

The rise of freelancers and digital nomads around the world was accelerated by the newfound freedom that came with remote work and flexible work schedules. Accordingly, 2022 research by MBO Partners State of Independence discovered that 16.9 million Americans identified as digital nomads — up an astounding 131% from the pre-pandemic levels of 2019. However, […]

5 Top Coworking Hubs in Phoenix

Since Phoenix’s tech scene started gaining momentum, more and more coworking hubs began popping up in the city to meet the demands of eager entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-up companies choosing to base themselves in the Arizona metropolis. Today, the supply of coworking spaces in Phoenix is quite high. So, to save you some precious time, […]

5 Amazing San Francisco Coworking Spaces

San Francisco is a known tech hub and center of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus, it might not actually come as a surprise that the city is buzzing with shared office spaces, each one more unique than the other. And, while the well-known shared space operators have a sure base in some of the city’s top […]

5 Coworking Spaces in Seattle

Seattle is a buzzing business center for the biotech, medical research, and shipping industries. Plenty of large companies — including Amazon, Vulcan, Nordstrom, and Starbucks — have their headquarters in the city. Plus, because a lot of residents are also building their own entrepreneurial empires, there’s a high demand for both traditional and coworking office […]