Guest Blog

Proptech Trends in Flexible Workspace

We’ve covered six of the most exciting proptech trends in 2021 below, so read on for an insight into the future of tech in coworking and flexible workspaces. (This is a guest post for Yardi by Zoe Ellis-Moore – owner of Spaces to Places and an expert in the flexible workspace sector.) From video-calling family […]

Over Half of Americans Want to Return to the Office at Least Part-Time

According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, nearly one-third of American employees worked remotely in 2019. Although surveys revealed that many more were interested in working at least some of the time outside of the office, companies were still hesitant to embrace remote working arrangements. However, that all changed in 2020, as the onset […]

Work From Home Survey Data: Majority Lack a Dedicated Workspace

Working from home is here to stay— at least for the foreseeable future — and companies and employees alike are trying to make the best of their new working conditions. CommercialCafe conducted a survey to assess how workers adapted their living spaces for work. Specifically, 4,384 workers participated in the survey to collect work from […]

How to Use Feedback to Better Coworking Marketing Strategy

Marketing a coworking startup in an increasingly crowded market is a challenge that requires continually fine-tuning messaging and a smart lead generation strategy. So, how do you create game-changing value propositions and reach potential customers at the right time? One key to success is to gather feedback from real people at every step of the […]

A Coworking Operator’s Guide to Event Marketing

As a coworking operator, events should be a core part of a successful marketing arsenal. They boost awareness and word-of-mouth buzz, bring in new members, and keep current members engaged. So, how do you organize a great coworking event that will leave your guests wanting more? Choose the right topic & format To host a […]

A Coworking Operator’s Guide to Email Marketing

It may seem like all marketing talk is now focused on search engines, social media platforms, and blogs. But most savvy marketers know that email is still one of the most efficient advertising mediums at your disposal—and one of the most flexible. If you are establishing or growing a brand and want to attract as […]