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Yardi Kube Product Spotlight: New Features


Throughout 2020, the Yardi Kube team has been working to improve our platform to meet the evolving needs of a diverse client base. In Q2 and Q3 2020, Kube launched numerous enhancements and new features. Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy additions, which will drive revenue, enhance member experience and simplify day-to-day operations.

User Friendliness

Order rooms on calendar: This feature was one of the most requested by clients, as it can immediately help increase revenue. It allows you to literally drag and drop a room into any order you want on the calendar. This is especially useful so operators can place their bigger or more lucrative rooms, typically at a higher price point, at the top of the order for increased visibility. On a small screen, you may only get to see 4-5 rooms at a time. We’ve realized that members are more likely to click on one of the first few options rather than scrolling through the full list of room choices, similar to someone analyzing only the first page of results on a Google search.  

One-time emailing and email workflows: These workflows provide a personal touch and unique customer service, which adds value to member retention efforts. Kube provides two new options for emailing. Operators can create emails on a trigger basis. One of the most useful functionalities for this is at point of sale, where an operator can automatically deploy an email with attachments upon purchase of membership or product. Welcome packs or documents, contract expiration and hours expiration are among common attachments to these emails.

The alternative are one-time emails, which allow the user to select a lead or a member and send a quick email from a template. This could be used for generic purposes like following up with a lead, or something more individualized like informing someone that a lost item was found.

Booking coupons: Create coupons for booking meeting rooms. During the pandemic, capacity restrictions are commonplace, reducing revenue. Offering coupons or discounts for meeting space is a valuable way to draw members and newcomers into your space. The coupons can be entered by members, prospects, or operator, and in order to simplify the billing process, Kube works out the discount and calculates it onto the account. 


Door access: Yardi Kube now integrates with Salto for door access control. Touchless door access is one of the most significant and sought-after features for offices, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Allowing members to automatically access entry doors, meeting room doors or private offices will let you capture more revenue and comply with safety guidelines to know who is inside your office and when.

Google calendar: List your properties and spaces on third-party listing sites that also integrate with Google Calendar. We can now push any Kube bookings to your Google Calendar, and we pull any Google bookings to your Kube.

Custom Features

Custom fields: This feature has been introduced at the company and member level to help operators customize and simplify their use of the Kube platform. There are now 20 custom fields to populate data. This is great to store data such as printer IDs, door access IDs, but also to simply track notes about a client for internal reference. 

Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting (YSR): Custom reporting, done in Voyager, can now be accessed inside of Kube. Operators will be able to prevent revenue leakage and increase visibility to in-depth financial components of their space. Under reports, we now provide the option for Yardi written reports to be scheduled or run ad-hoc. For example, you could run a monthly service fee transaction report. Customize the filters and the output type per report.

Save filters: This feature is going to be especially helpful for billing purposes. When you’re working on one page and search for a company, Kube keeps that search filter saved when you come back to the previous page. Additionally, you can now manually save complex filters where you can bundle a large volume of clients, such as clients who have unique billing or payment patterns, so you can work with that same list of filters every time you need to use it.

Yardi Kube continues to tailor the platform to fit the needs of coworking owners and operators and will build out further functionality in another significant release in Q4 2020.