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Top Benefits of Coworking Software for Your Shared Spaces


As a coworking space owner or operator, proper space manage is essential. Fortunately, coworking software can help you manage operations efficiently, provide your members with a top user experience and market your location to attract and retain members. Following are additional benefits you will gain from coworking software like the all-in-one platform provided by Yardi Kube.

Marketing and Branding Across All Platforms

A successful coworking space comes with an effective marketing strategy. Attracting members requires that they know about your space and what it offers. Coworking software allows your members to information about your space including real-time availability, amenities and pricing information. The software also offers a white-label portal that allows for automated tours and sales, making it easy for both you and prospects to control the level of interaction with the coworking space. Furthermore, you can feature your logo on all pages within the portal, making it personalized and familiar to ensure prospects and members feel like they are navigating through a centralized platform.

Streamlined Bookings

Allowing members to easily book workspaces within your coworking space is essential to ensuring customer retention. Coworking software simplifies the service by enabling users to reserve all the amenities, features and resources to accommodate their needs and ensure their return. A streamlined booking system also provides information regarding vacancy rates, revenue and other KPIs that allow you to best manage your space. Having access to occupancy rates, booking calendars and usage metrics enables you to optimize your coworking space, making it more efficient and profitable.

Automated Billing

Offering automated billing facilitates the payment process for the services requested by your users. Coworking software supports online transactions in a white-label marketplace, sends invoices in real-time and processes payments instantly. Furthermore, you can send notifications and updates regarding bills, contracts and amendments to ensure payments are received on time and members balances stay current.

Enterprise-Level Technology

Users returning to the office have higher expectations for the workplace. To address one of the most common demands you need to provide enterprise-level technology. Coworking software supports Wi-Fi partitioning, allowing you to monetize bandwidth at the level members need. The right software will also support remote access control, ensuring members can access the space they reserved at whatever time they need. Lastly, software enables communication by supporting member voice services to any location.

Manage Communication

Communicating with your members is essential to ensuring the efficiency and optimization of your space. Fortunately, coworking software allows you to provide your members with a self-service member mobile app through which they can reserve desks, conferences rooms and pay their invoices. You also have the opportunity to communicate and share events and discussion boards that allow you to stay connected to your members and provide them with opportunities to engage and partake in a workplace community. You can also use the platform to communicate with prospects to customize pricing offers, terms and contract renewal options.

Being able to properly manage your coworking space is essential to its productivity, efficiency and profitability. For this reason, using coworking software enables you to not only provide your members with the best features, amenities and a user-friendly mobile solution, but also to optimize your space and ensure that all processes are running accurately and efficiently. To find out more about why Yardi Kube coworking software is the solution for your space, schedule a live demo.