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Professional Service Firms w/ WUN’s Flexible Technology Solutions


Advances in technology has helped various industries has helped business entirely reinvent their workspace. As if a new marriage that is empowering, efficient, and all the most effective at managing costs. The advantages to the flexible workspace are making themselves known, crossing boundaries once defined by industries and locations. What flexible workspaces do is create more room for meetings, conferences, and keeping everyone in the office on the same page. Here are a few new industries experiencing the benefits of the “smarter” workspace.

Law Firms

Integration of technologies has helped law firms efficiently keep their records intact. Furthermore, other amenities such as individualized door control addresses various security needs for these law firms–while keeping costs lowered.

Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies rely on technology to keep their records up to date, especially in regards to provided coverage for the insured. Furthermore, IT Services must go a long way in effectively communicating with all parties, co-workers, managers, and customers alike. For this type of industry, remote work also goes a long way for agents.

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are in charge of a large amount of private data and records that must be protected at all costs. Accounting firms also need to make sure they have seamless ways to communicate for this, they can greatly benefit from data, internet, and voice packages to ensure both security and connectivity.

Financial Services

A smarter workspace for financial services can help consolidate solutions under one source. This helps with keeping up with changes in currencies, money transfers, and having to communicate with other banks. Financial services is a varied field with wide array of services, efficiency is key to overcoming these challenges.

Yardi Kube is proud to serve these various professional service firms, with solutions and amenities for staying connected, increasing their revenue, and maintaining the best operational standards of practice. If you’d like to learn more about how Yardi Kube helps the shared workspace industry, click below to schedule a demo.