Connected Solutions

Overcoming New Operational Complexities in Coworking and Shared Spaces Today


We are now approaching a new age of flexible workspace. New developments in the industry as well as recent projections that have become known. Here are new trends in the world of workspace culture you need to know about:

  • Shared spaces are continuing to open across the world. This rising trend is attributed to other industries and cultures coming into the fold.
  • The population of members is also projected to grown on a similar trend.
  • Members are expecting to see more contracts, income, as well as more sustainability operating within these workspaces.

For these reasons, it’s important to look into these critical factors.

On-Site and Remote Support

In the event of a system malfunction. Will you be there when your members need you to be? There needs to be a system in place in the event your services go down during the off hours. Having a loss of data connectivity, WiFi accessibility, and door access could equate to lost revenue for your space. Staying connected is critical to keeping revenue for your space.

Monetization of Space

Gaining an understanding of which areas of the office are, and are not, being used by your members will allow you to keep a real-time view of your availability. Going beyond toward Sun Tzu’s teachings in The Art of War, understanding the lay of the land is one of the major components to victory. In this case, you’ll see what areas are keeping the lights on—helping you find ways to improve.

End to End Solutions and Connectivity

Having all your technology under one source saves time, increases efficiency, and significantly improves the experience for all your members. Through a single solution, you can have full control and analytics of your space directly at your finger tips.

Taking these areas into account will keep your workspace streamlined for growth and retention. Staying connected, monetizing you space, and simplifying your solutions are three of the best ways to keep operating at the optimal.

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