New Menu Interface for WUN Workspace Management Platform to Launch in May.


We are always listening to our operators and clients on how to improve the experience. Recently, we noticed the preference of specific features found within the Launchpad of the WUN Platform. We also noticed the utilization of our shortcuts features.

To help further the benefits of our platform, we’re launching a new interface in two months to help bring these desired options to the forefront. This new interface will help bring you further options to manage, automate, and collaborate closer to your fingertips.

Advantages to New Menu Structure:

  • More Features to the Forefront- We’ve expanded on the sub-menus to bring you more selection of your favorite features. This should simplify the management process with access to billing, data management, and floor plan activity right at your fingertips.
  • Increased Efficiency- By bringing more shortcut options to the forefront, this should reduce the time spent navigating the platform. You can go where you need to in lesser clicks.
  • Optimization for all Devices- We made the WUN Platform more accessible for users on all mobile, tablet, laptop, as well as desktop. We have made the platform more manageable from anywhere.

A smarter workspace demands for more simplicity with empowerment at every step. Yardi Kube is proud to serve our operators and hopes these new changes will help bring greater efficiency–which is what WUN does best. If you’d like to learn more about how Yardi Kube helps the shared workspace industry, click below to schedule a demo.