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Open Doors to New Opportunities with 24/7 Keyless Entry For Your Workspace


Regardless of whether you and your staff prefers working the standard 9-to-5 hours, it’s not only possible to still provide for your members seeking 24/7 access—but profitable. Staying open throughout all hours is a significant benefit to your members for building community and increasing the revenue to your workspace. Here is how you can capitalize on this rising trend and grow your workspace.

Going All Hours = Going the Extra Mile For Your Members

Members have various reasons for why they are in the workspace and how they work best. Some members are late-risers who arrive around noon and do their best work under the light of the evening hours. Others are managing start-ups or projects as part of a side-hustle to what they normally do during business hours. Others have opportunities that can only be capitalized upon at night. If your workspace cannot account for this, your members will find another model that works for them. When factoring in costs for operating after hours, you’ll need to consider the opportunity loss associated with not meeting these demands.

How Cost-Effective Is It, Exactly?

When you look at it, keyless access to the workspace is an adaptation in accessibility toward being there when your members need you the most. Recent studies have shown that having spaces open to be booked during nights and weekends could bring in at least 10% more business your way. Not to mention, if you can’t meet these demands, the long term costs will continue to accrue based on changing trends in the flexible workspace industry as well as what your competitors have to offer. Offering 24/7 Keyless Access to accommodate for your members around the clock is critical to staying competitive and keeping streams of revenue intact.

With Great Accessibility, Comes Great Efficiency

Michael Jordan once said, “it’s not the hours you put in, but what you put in those hours.”  So when it comes to staff management, you must ask yourself if you’d rather have them performing the manual tasks associated with activating access and keys. What keyless access does is streamline and automate the process, eliminating the need for having extra staff to handle these critical processes that a robust keyless access system can handle in real time.

Keyless access doesn’t just keep your doors open, it opens your space up to new opportunities. Being more accessible and more connected to the demand of your members, can strategically position your workspace for greater monetization, efficiency, and community. Now is a more important time than ever to recognize this rising trend for the sake of staying competitive, driving member retention, and providing the best possible experience for the people who need your space—when they need it.

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