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How to Increase Your Coworking and Shared Space Revenue Without Spending


Earlier in March, Yardi Kube joined with our friends at FindWorkspaces ( to put on an important webinar for coworking managers and workspace operators looking to increase their revenue without any spending on advertising. Presented by Warren Hersowitz, Director of Sales at Yardi Kube alongside Evan Oder, CEO and Managing Director of FindWorkspaces. With each presentation came proven methods for building traffic, increasing visibility online, and driving greater conversion….without a penny spent for any advertising. None.

 Marketing Your Shared Space Location Online

Oder outlined the importance of proximity in search results. Through this portion of the webinar he outlined leveraging your physical results through Google. Throughout the years location has always been a deciding factor in lead generation. In today’s times, it couldn’t be more true. Furthermore, Oder explained how Google lists and ranks map listings online and the steps you can take to ensure a better position. This includes methods for generating reviews as well as improving the appearance of your workspace online through both Google and your website. By following the steps outlined in the webinar, you can see a world of change from only a handful of actions.

Improving E-Commerce and Conversions for Your Coworking and Shared Space Management

Hersowitz elaborated on what to do once you start seeing traffic. Setting up your website to be more transactional and able to convert leads is as important as anything–even if you were spending money on advertising. One of the first steps to improving the E-commerce aspect of your site is to provide self-service for your visitors. This gets your customers to sign up without having to talk to you or your staff. Especially when these customers are visiting from out of town and need to book a space, they won’t even know how to reach you–and won’t need to. Making the process self-service and accessible without having to rely on a manual process provides a world of difference in driving greater conversions on an already existing audience.

By following the steps outlined in the webinar you can set yourself up for greater revenue, brand visiblity, and conversions without a single cent toward product placement. If you’re interested in catching the replay, click the button below: