Yardi Kube Product Spotlight: Version 7 New Features


We continue to refine our products by listening to clients and understanding their needs. The latest Yardi Kube release, version 7, is one of our most anticipated to date because it addresses key process improvements requested by our clients. It provides a significant enhancement to many important functionalities within the Yardi Kube platform. It makes Yardi Kube more user-friendly with an all-new, redesigned member management experience which gives operators more flexibility than ever.

Contracts Facelift

During the pandemic, we are finding that many coworking spaces are operating on leaner staff, so this contracts enhancement allows for increased efficiency, saving time and effort. Our new contracts dashboard places action-oriented tiles at the top of the page for quick and easy access to the items you need to work on. Gone are the days of jumping between pages to see different contract details. Space, package, amenities and custom charges are now listed as clickable links in one column.

One of the biggest changes to contract functionality is dating. Yardi Kube now allows operators to use past or future dates for member adjustments. For example, if a member moved out prior to their scheduled date, you can process the move-out in arrears to improve accuracy and efficiency. With high turnover in coworking spaces, especially during the pandemic, it was important to make contract management easier. Swapping, upgrading, downgrading and all membership edits and date changes are streamlined for easier access and more simplicity.

Contracts are now fully designed to pick up where you left off, regardless of whether you navigate into another tab or didn’t finish an amendment. This adds to the overall fluidity of the platform, increasing user-friendliness and responsiveness.

Door Access, Phase 2

In our previous update, we discussed our integration with Salto for door access control. Beyond the simplicity of mobile door access, this is an area that operators can leverage for revenue generation. Allow contactless entry to your facility and offer meeting spaces beyond traditional business hours. The newest features are now available in v7 to fully manage all door control needs. Door access control allows operators to eliminate manual access tracking and comply with local capacity guidelines.

  • Default access: Upon member activation, their access group is defaulted, as opposed to the operator manually inputting restrictions.  
  • Unlock override: Remotely grant space access for members or guests whose credentials are not available.
  • Virtual access: Members use the portal app to unlock any door associated with their active booking and membership.
  • API bookings: Access control is included for clients using Yardi Kube API and is functional upon booking confirmation.
  • Dependent doors: Automatically grant access to doors that are required for entry to a reserved space.

In addition to the safety and security functionalities with the door access features, there is a significant Wi-Fi enhancement included in this release. Yardi Kube v7 enhances Wi-Fi security, boosts connection times and provides better redundancy for users, preventing lags and crashes. 

Yardi Kube continues to evolve and improve to provide a more secure and easier to use product. Operators can continue to leverage the entire Yardi coworking suite of products to increase revenue, scale efficiently and enhance member experience.