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Yardi Kube Launches Revolutionary Single-Source IT Coworking Platform


Yardi Kube Launches Revolutionary Single-Source IT Platform for Coworking & High Growth Businesses

Yardi Kube, the leading single-source IT platform provider for high growth businesses and Coworking spaces, today announced the launch of their WUN HD platform, a revolutionary new IT platform that combines a powerful IT infrastructure with business software to provide comprehensive, affordable technology for shared spaces.

Yardi Kube partnered with HappyDesk, enterprise software for shared spaces, to develop the WUN HD platform. The WUN HD platform utilizes HappyDesk’s comprehensive business software for the shared space and Yardi Kube’ IT infrastructure (voice, data, wifi, door control, etc.) to create a single-source IT platform for Coworking.

“We created the WUN HD platform to give our shared spaces, and their members, a reliable, affordable and feature-rich community-driven experience,” said Dale Hersowitz, CEO of Yardi Kube. “In a competitive market, shared spaces are set apart by their tech-savvy offerings and member experiences. The WUN HD platform is new-era technology that creates a seamless user experience, from virtually unlocking a door and shutting off lights to providing wifi passwords and outbound call codes in conference rooms.”

In addition to an engaging user experience, the WUN HD platform is easily scalable, so shared spaces can grow their own business with the technology offerings.  The WUN HD platform increases efficiency, saving companies revenue, while optimizing their workspaces.

“We create a smart workspace that allows all technology to work in unison,” continued Hersowitz. “One of the greatest impacts of the smart workspace is that it creates an environment which is conducive to drive community, productivity and creativity.”