Creating Reliable Communication Within Your Office



Reliability is a common and very real expectation from customers, clients, and consumers everywhere. People enjoy consistency and when it comes to spending their own money, they want results. Employees within your office expect reliability when it comes to using office technology as tools to make their job more efficient. There is nothing more frustrating than having your telephone system go down in the middle of a call, being unable to reach an important decision maker within the company, and having static interfere with a conversation. All of these communication problems can make or break the reputation of your office, especially for start-ups. At Wun Systems, we have internalized our own company values regarding customer service and support to provide tools for your business to do the same for your clients. Our business telephone system is Wun Voice; Wun Voice provides Business Telephone Solutions Homestead to ensure that none of these problems affect your daily operations.

Unrivaled Telephone Up Time and Service

Reliability begins with the least interrupted calls possible and immediate service when there is something wrong. Customer service these days has been put on the backburner by other Business Telephone Systems Homestead companies, but we firmly believe our customer service technicians should address any challenges immediately. With employees at our company monitoring your account 24/7, we have proudly given our clients the advantage of 99.9% up time.

Wun Systems has made this possible by providing over 90 nodes scattered throughout the United States. To put this into perspective, most business telephone companies only have two or three nodes. Our telephone systems operate using voice over IP (VoIP), using the internet/internet telephony. These nodes are particularly important, as your voice is being transmitted via the internet rather than by traditional telephone lines. This is advantageous for your business in the case of bad weather or power lines being down; with VoIP, the nodes will continue to transmit your calls with crystal clear quality.

Serving New Companies

As a new company, reliability for your new customers and clients is the foundation of your reputation. Even if your products are still in the testing stage with developmental flaws, customers will stick with your company if you provide more than adequate customer support. This customer support is the most effective using business telephone systems rather than just email. People appreciate hearing a human voice to reassure them that they will eventually have their problems solved. You will need the Wun Voice system to be able to connect with your customers in the office or on the go with our mobile ready application. This mobile ready feature also lets your employees get in contact with each other for anything ranging from a simple question to important conference calls.


Assisting Established Companies

If your company is lightyears beyond the start-up phase, you may be looking for Business Telephone services Homestead that can give you more features than what your current system has to offer. Oftentimes with established companies, new technology takes years to be introduced and by then the technology is not top-of-the-line. Established companies become used to a certain phone system and can get stuck in a communication rut.

The way that we deal with the red tape that comes with our established clients is that we provide Onsite Installation, Unlimited Onsite Training and Unlimited Onsite Support until everyone in your company feels comfortable with the new business telephone system. Other companies similar to Wun Systems may be able to provide you with a great business telephone system, but will not take their own time to show everyone in the office how to use it. This renders that technology almost useless, and your employees will become frustrated.

To start off, the Onsite Installation is done very quickly by our on-boarding team, so as to minimally interrupt your workday. This installation is monitored closely by Account Managers and Product Managers so several eyes are checking at all times. If, for some reason, the installation is not fitting your needs, we will continue to make adjustments before considering it complete.

Secondly, our Unlimited Onsite Training is done by a Business Telephone Systems specialist Homestead. This specialist can show each employee in different departments how our system can help them the most, as every department will have different needs. Once everyone in your office has been trained, our Unlimited Onsite Support team responds to real-time support requests and sends qualified engineers to your location when needed. All of this additional support comes at no cost to your company, which cannot be said about other Business Telephone Systems Homestead companies.

From One Company to Another

As we mentioned before, reliability is an expectation from customers in all different sectors of business. Wun System’s clients expect reliability from us and our employees on a daily basis. In turn, our clients are able to provide that same reliability to their customers. A Business Telephone Systems company Homestead such as ours is the true mediator between you and the need to reach your clients effectively; we take our job to its fullest potential by offering Wun Voice.