Yardi Kube Joins the Everything Coworking Network Podcast


Yardi Kube’ CEO, Dale Hersowitz, recently sat down with GWA Executive Director, Jamie Russo, to discuss “Leveraging the Internet of Things in Shared Workspaces” for Russo’s Everything Coworking network podcast.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects with data systems that connect to each other, enabling all the objects to exchange data via the Internet.

Hersowitz and Russo spoke of how the IoT is opening up opportunities to improve the member experience in a shared workspace.

“If you think the Internet of Things sounds a little Jetsons, it’s not, it’s here,” said Russo.

Commercial buildings are adapting this technology, which in turn, is appearing in the workspaces. Think parking lots that inform drivers how many spots are left on each floor or iPhone apps for the door control system instead of smart cards.

“You’re getting into these smart spaces where all these devices are talking to each other and also interacting with the user. Not only does it help the user experience, but also the commercial properties,” said Hersowitz.

IoT allows shared space managers to deal with all different components on a central platform to create an easy member experience, bringing control and certainty. It’s efficient and flexible, just like the shared workspaces it powers.

Russo’s Everything Coworking podcast has become a go-to among shared space managers and members for industry news. Yardi Kube was proud to be a part of this important discussion! To listen to the entire podcast, visit: bit.ly/1qegTbH