Get to Know Our New WUN Partner Jim De Vico


We’re excited to announce our new Yardi Kube Partner, Jim De Vico! We’re honored to have such a passionate and dedicated team member helping us lead the way. Get to know Jim, his insight on what makes WUN so unique and his vision for the future.

How do you wish to impact the company in the coming year?

I want to continue to aid in WUN’s tremendous growth, the development of products, and the fantastic relationships we’re forging with clients. I’m currently overseeing customer service and install. We want to keep that at a very high level and continue to grow at an incredible pace.

What would you consider your area of expertise?

My expertise is the ability to see the root of problems, address them and identify solutions.

What do you think makes Yardi Kube a leader in the industry?

Dale Hersowtiz. He is an incredible visionary and very strategic. The guy plays chess with every problem in his head, figuring out every move and contingency ahead of time. Victor Vasev is one of the most brilliant IT people I’ve ever met in my 30 years. The best thing about the two of them is they check their egos at the door – it’s about what went wrong and how can it can be fixed.

What makes WUN HD so innovative?

WUN HD is opening our system to integrate with other providers, like Amazon, Google, Staples… As an application platform, WUN HD will aid the shared workspace environment in a way no one else is thinking about right now.

What are some trends in coworking that you’re seeing emerge in 2016?

On the spectrum of coworking to shared spaces, most installations we’ve been having are landing somewhere in the middle; a hybrid space that a lot more managers are trying out.

What’s your favorite activity/hobby outside of work?

I love hiking and I play softball twice a week.

Jim will be representing Yardi Kube at the Workspace Association of New York’s 11th Anniversary Meeting and Party. He is giving the event’s keynote presentation, providing insights to attendees about the Internet of Things and what it means for shared spaces. Stay tuned for event coverage and more from Jim. Follow us on Twitter at @WUNSystems.