Yardi Kube Client Spotlight


Corporate Suites

Yardi Kube takes a minute to chat with Paul Carter, Vice President at Corporate Suites about the future of the work space industry. Corporate Suites has been a Yardi Kube partner since 2010 and has over 16 years of experience leading the industry in coworking and shared spaces.

We know Corporate Suites offers furnished office space with eight locations in central midtown and downtown. What sets Corporate Suites apart from other flexible workspace companies in NYC?

Paul Carter: As family owned business Corporate Suites has been servicing local, national and international clients for over 16 years. This level of experience in the industry enables us to focus on clients needs by building long lasting relationships with them. Being in the business since 1998 gives both clients and landlords a great deal of comfort and confidence, this leads to better relationships all around.

What are the biggest trends that you are seeing in the work space industry?

Paul Carter: We have seen the move from open coworking spaces back to private offices in the past two years. There is a continued demand for space efficiency, for value when looking at the total cost of occupancy. We also see a continued interest in community and connecting between clients both through events and technology.

How have you seen the industry change since you have been working in it?

Paul Carter: In 1998 a clients main concern was often what it would be like to be in a shared space, a business center. Clients were often more concerned about image versus cost benefits. Clients at this time were also much dependent on us for all of their services, not just phones and internet but administrative assistance for word processing. Today clients are embracing the ability to work in a vibrant shared environment and take advantage of all the networking as well as cost benefits.

How are you employing the Yardi Kube technology?

Paul Carter: We currently deploy the WUN HD Platform to run all of our voice and data services.

What are the major benefits that you are seeing from utilizing the WUN Platform?

Paul Carter: The WUN HD platform allows us to simplify and centralize the control of our IT systems in a simple portal environment. WUN is continually developing the platform and we look forward to seeing how this will continue to benefit us going forward company-wide.