The Benefits of Cloud Storage in a Coworking and Shared Space Environment


A team that shares space and works closer together produces more cohesive idea and works more efficiently. Human beings are social, so it makes sense that workspaces should be more open between coworkers. If workspace is communal, then software and data sharing should be, as well. If a team is expected to work together as a unit, then they have to have easy access to the data they share between them.

That’s where cloud storage and Yardi Kube comes in. We offer top of the line technology that is under constant development, and provided in scalable packages to make sure your business has what it needs to succeed. With cloud storage hosted by Yardi Kube, your data is safe while still being accessible for you and your employees. Cloud-based storage is the next big thing in business technology, and the benefits are numerous.


In a coworking environment, multiple employees may be working on the same project at the same time. While they may be working on different aspects, they will all need access to the same data and set of files. With cloud-based data storage, everything is well within reach no matter where you are or what device you’re using.


Digital data takes up a lot of space on a hard-drive or server. Server space is expensive to rent and even more expensive to buy making it a less enticing option. With cloud-based data storage, documents and digital files aren’t taking up huge amounts of storage, ultimately saving you money. While the files aren’t housed locally, that doesn’t mean they’re publically accessible elsewhere, and with a lesser system you could be looking at a security risk. With secure cloud services, your data is stored without taking up local space and without being accessible to anyone else. The data is safe and accessible.



Going hand-in-hand with invisibility is security. Cloud services for coworking environments are actually a safer option for businesses than storing files locally. The reason for this being that should malware or viruses infiltrate any of the computers, the files are not there locally accessible making the documents unattainable. Cloud storage can significantly reduce risks posed by hackers.

Automated Backup

Backing up data on a computer is tedious, and that is the biggest reason businesses have an issue with follow-through on backing up digital files. Failing to back up digital data is a huge mistake many businesses make, but not anymore. With cloud services, you simply have to select the data you want to save and schedule a time. The cloud service automatically and securely copies the data without any further prompting.


Consider outdated files and tracking down data that ends up being from two updates ago a thing of the past. With cloud services, file syncing is as automatic as backing up data. Syncing works across all devices, even mobile phones and tablets. With this feature, a file shared from your desktop is automatically up to date and available on your smartphone or other device within mere seconds. The business world is fast-paced, and that is why Yardi Kube has designed technology that keeps up with you so you don’t get left in the dust.

Sharing and Collaboration

These two words are the pillars that hold up any coworking environment. Without the ability to share files and collaborate, the system crumbles. Thankfully Yardi Kube’s cloud services for coworking space make this simple. Whether sharing a single document, a folder, or a hundred photos at once, cloud-based storage lets you upload and share with just a few clicks. It’s that easy, and collaboration is even easier. Storage can be made accessible to multiple users to encourage better teamwork and easier file-sharing for a single project. Cloud-based storage makes the workspace more efficient for a coworking structure.


Catastrophic data loss isn’t a wildly imaginative or impossible scenario. Computers fail, viruses and malware lock onto a file, and accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean your data has to be lost forever. Thanks to the backup data files stored in the cloud, recovery is possible. Simply download the files to recover anything and everything lost with zero downtime. It’s that simple.

Yardi Kube – The Reliable Option

We don’t just provide user-friendly business software or high speed internet. Our dedication to helping kick-start the success and growth of your business goes beyond just that. Our business services also include cloud services for coworking buildings. We safely and securely store your data so it’s there when you need it. Save files, store backup data, and make team collaboration easier through the use of our services. Our top-notch services are reliable so you know your data will be there. We offer competitive pricing and scalable plan options so your business gets just the right service to meet its needs. Easily scale up and down plans as needed without difficulty or extra fees to hold you back. Get ready to step into the future of business data file storage with cloud-based storage services from Yardi Kube.