Coworking Virtual While on Vacation: How and Where to Do It


Virtual Coworking Space While on Vacation

Summer is here, and for many that means traveling with the family while children are out of school. But what happens when you still need to get work done? This is where the global expansion of the coworking industry steps in.

The international coworking industry has experienced major growth over the past five years, with new virtual coworking spaces and business centers appearing in most major cities. By using WUN’s software as well, working on vacation is immensely easier. These spaces are used by city residents, but also provide a great option for the wanderers of the world when work still needs to get done.

The flexibility of these workspaces is what attracts many companies and freelancers to use them regularly for day-to-day work. This same flexibility makes them ideal for travelers. While most hotels now provide Wi-Fi to their guests, the service can be slow and often unreliable.

Couple that with sitting on a bed or a cramped desk, and one can conclude this is often not the most productive place to work. Locating a virtual coworking space that offers flexible plans, such as hourly desk space, will mean your work gets done more efficiently, leaving more time for the vacation that was planned on.

Here are some of Yardi Kube’s favorite workspaces around the world:

Makers of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) virtual coworking space traveling

Known as MOB, this space focuses on connecting a diverse community of people, to collaborate and innovate. The space offers a wide range of flexible memberships to fit any schedule.

BHIVE Workspace (Bangalore, India) 

The largest coworking space in Bangalore, India’s startup capital, BHIVE has a number of locations throughout the city. In addition to offering furnished offices, meeting rooms, dedicated desks and ‘hot seats’, BHIVE regularly hosts events to help their community members.

virtual coworking space

Work Club (Sydney, Australia) 

Ideally created for individuals and small teams, the Work Club Sydney location prides itself on its professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Beautiful design inspires productivity, with the boardroom overlooking Hyde Park.

Urban Station Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

With spaces in four different countries, Urban Station is creating a global network for mobile workers. Created as a hybrid between café and office, food and drink is included with the price of a desk. Simply walk in and sit at a desk, order from the menu and pay upon exit for the length of time you were there.

Many of these offer plans specifically for travelers, so the next time you want to take a trip but know you’ll need to get work done, plan to work like a local and book a desk at an international virtual coworking space.