Member Portal for Coworking and Shared Spaces


Yardi Kube’s Member Portal is a one-stop solution for members to communicate, collaborate, and manage their accounts directly through a streamlined, self-service interface. Our Member Portal was built with the community aspect of Coworking in mind. Through our Member Portal you can construct new ways of working together through our community messaging, our intricate member directory, and our options for events and special projects. With Yardi Kube you can save on time and costs associated with member management, allowing for you to enhance the experience for the entire workspace.

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It Connects Your Community

Our member portal simplifies communication and collaboration by offering a robust customer directory. Profiles of your members can be categorized by industry and skill set, amongst other fields to best organize your community. Through our streamlined avenues for communication, you can bring your workspace members together through our community messaging, our intricate member directory, and our options for event management. This is ideal for events, collaborative projects, and special announcements you wish to send out.

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It Improves The Coworking Experience  

You can build the ultimate experience to delight your members by providing them a seamless self-service interface.  Through the WUN Platform you can allow your members to reserve desks, conference and meeting rooms, buy additional services, pay bills, and send invoices online. You can also brand this interface to match the look and feel of your own workspace, with your name and logo prominently displayed. With these services in place, you can drive member retention to a whole new level.


It Saves on Your Workspace Management Costs

By utilizing the features of our Member Portal, the WUN Platform cuts the time it takes your staff to manually process these services. The Member Portal also updates itself through synchronization with our CRM. Through self-service and automation, the WUN Platform allows for you and your staff to help grow your workspace, as opposed to exhausting your resources to maintain it.

By providing an all-in-one solution through which members can find their bookings, make reservations, view their usage in real-time, and pay bills online, the WUN Platform’s Member Portal improves the relationship between you and your members while also making it easier and more efficient to manage them. If you’re interested in learning more about how the WUN Platform builds community, drives member retention, and saves on costs, click below to contact us.