Shared Space

Creating Reliable Communication Within Your Office

Reliability is a common and very real expectation from customers, clients, and consumers everywhere. People enjoy consistency and when it comes to spending their own money, they want results. Employees within your office expect reliability when it comes to using office technology as tools to make their job more efficient. There is nothing more frustrating […]

Workspace Technology in Coworking Spaces in 2016

[:en]Gone are the days when coworking spaces were defined by desk space and accessible Wi-Fi. Coworking has quickly become a hub for tech advancements in the work place and companies like Yardi Kube have a finger on the pulse. With coworking consumers expecting more, the question for managers and operators of these modern spaces has […]

WUN in South Florida Business Journal – Coworking Space Software

Yardi Kube is proud to have been featured in the latest print version of South Florida Business Journal. The publication, known as one of the leading news sources for both young and established business professionals, features updates on the top companies from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties. With a large following amongst the […]

WUN Wins GWA 2015 Fourth Dimension Award

Yardi Kube is honored to be the recipient of the 2015 Fourth Dimension Award from the Global Workplace Association (GWA). This award honors high achievement beyond space, i.e. in technology, marketing or other non- ‘bricks and mortar’ achievement. GWA members were asked to submit nominations for this award, making the win even more special to […]

Seven Must-Have Items to be Productive in a Shared Office Space

Shared office space locations and business centers have become increasingly attuned to the needs of those who are using them to work out of – but there are still a number of items you should never go without. 7 Items You Need To Work in a Shared Office Space Chargers Arguably the most important are your […]

The Top Five Office Personalities You Encounter At Shared Spaces

If you work in an office building, coworking space, shared space or pretty much any location where other people are working, you will encounter these people. Types of Office Personalities The Creative One of the more common office personalities, most likely a freelance writer or graphic designer this person needs to be inspired by the […]