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The Top Five Office Personalities You Encounter At Shared Spaces


If you work in an office building, coworking space, shared space or pretty much any location where other people are working, you will encounter these people.

Types of Office Personalities

The Creative

creative office personality

One of the more common office personalities, most likely a freelance writer or graphic designer this person needs to be inspired by the space around them. They’re looking for a work environment where they can get feedback and bounce ideas off people – but still be able to retreat into their own mind and get work done.

This person needs some work structure, because sitting at home in PJs doesn’t spark their creative juices like being around other like-minded folks does.

The Mobile Worker

A mobile worker might be a traveling businessman or a stay-at-home parent, but for some reason they need the flexibility and stability offered by shared workspaces. When they try to work from home or a hotel on the road they just can’t be productive.

The mobile worker wants a space of their own, dedicated to getting their job done.

The Social Butterfly

This person craves the community feel that often comes along with shared spaces. They are often found in the lounge area or break room, not necessarily getting work done, instead focusing on meeting new and interesting people. They are that person in the office who knows everyone and everyone knows them.

The social butterfly is always at hosted events – whether it’s happy hour or a group bonding activity, their goal is personal networking.

The Start-up Group

A small company or team that needs a business address and place to meet, without the high cost and long lease requirements most commercial office spaces require. The group works a fairly traditional 9-5 schedule, plus long overtime hours if they’re just getting started.

Always together, shared spaces offer sales leads, connections for business advice, and customer research opportunities to expand their company.

The Own Boss

own boss office personality work space

The boss is self-employed or a contract worker and also one of the common office personalities. They want the flexibility and relaxed atmosphere, but need a structured work environment to get their work completed. Shared spaces provide them with professional networking opportunities and the sense of independence that makes them incompatible with traditional office environments.

We know the many different types of people you are going to encounter, because we’ve been there. Coworking spaces and anything similar possess a vast amount of benefits that hold advantages the normal office structure can’t achieve. With modern technology stemming to all walks of life, shared spaces is not exempt and Coworking Management Software is becoming a critical part of shared spaces.