Seven Must-Have Items to be Productive in a Shared Office Space


Shared office space locations and business centers have become increasingly attuned to the needs of those who are using them to work out of – but there are still a number of items you should never go without.

7 Items You Need To Work in a Shared Office Space


Arguably the most important are your chargers. Phone, computer, tablet…running out of battery in the middle of the day puts a halt to productivity. While some workspaces will have extras on hand, or a friendly neighbor may let you borrow one for a few hours these aren’t good options to rely on.

If you’re regularly leaving your chargers plugged in at home consider buying a second set to keep in your computer bag or coworking space locker.

Coffee Mug

Having a special coffee/tea mug at work makes your desk space feel more personal. Maybe it has your home state, a funny saying or is just the perfect size for your afternoon pick-up.

Noise canceling headphones

noise cancelling headphones for shared office space

These are a must when it is time to really start concentrating, or if the space you are working in caters to a large number of people. Whether you need to listen to your favorite music to write a blog post, or just need to retreat inside your own head away from the chaos, headphones are a big productivity booster.


To go with your headphones, have some great playlists picked out before heading to the job. These days you don’t even have to create your own! Spotify, has curated playlists titled, “Creativity Boost”, “Nice & Easy Workflow” and “Deep Focus” to get you through your workday.


Don’t forget snacks! Vending machines are not reliable sources for your nutritional needs or to increase energy, and eating out every day can get expensive and take extra time out of the day. Everyone needs brain food!

Stress Ball

stress ball items you need at shared office space

For those who are fidgety or get stressed out easily keep a stress ball in your bag. Other stress relieving activities like playing a quick card game, drawing with colored pencils or just taking a short break are important when you feel overwhelmed and productivity is suffering. Sitting back for a few minutes allows the mind to reset so you can get back to working efficiently.

Business Cards

Being productive isn’t just about getting an abundant amount of work done every day. One of the great advantages to coworking is being around other like-minded professionals and networking with them.

There will be people with dedicated desks who are there every day, and some who only drop in once or twice. Keep a stack of business cards on hand to pass out to new connections made at your shared office space.

An *extra bonus* item that every shared office space needs is Coworking Management Software that completely and entirely increases productivity and seamlessly makes the work place more enjoyable.