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How Automated Lead Tracking can Grow your Business


Lead tracking automation has a major impact on many aspects of business, from sales to customer service to marketing, of course. Lead tracking may just be the biggest source of insight on customer experience. Here are some of the ways how automated lead tracking can grow your business, and why its more valuable than ever before.

Check page viewership

Regardless of the product or service you’re selling, finding your page views is the most basic way to improve your clicks, conversions, and ultimately, sales.

And it’s more than just figuring out what pages have the most traffic. Automated tracking will identify critical details such as what content your visitors are reading, how long they’re staying on any given page, and what pages are being overlooked completely. Take this information and create a sales plan from it. What’s working for you? What isn’t?

Find what Sources are generating traffic

You’ve posted your content on social media. You have your SEO optimized. You advertise on other sites. After taking the time, effort, and (in some cases) funding, to get all this in order, its very important to get a detailed insight into which of these sources are providing the most traffic.

It can be just as important to know which are performing well as much as which are not working.

What CTA’s are working

A simple call-to-action may not seem like much. We often overlook it as just a footnote. But if the automated tracking is showing you that more of your clicks are coming through a given CTA, it’s clear you should model the positioning or wording of other CTA’s to match the one that is generating most traffic for you.

Identify new prospects

While there are plenty of existing customers that will be tracked through automation, sometimes it’s the prospects that come out of the blue that can really increase your business.

Lead generation software will capture their data via a landing page visit, a download, or an email open. Using the right marketing tools should help get potential prospects to fall right into your lap.

Check activity patterns

There is a big difference between someone accidentally stumbling upon your landing page, and a repeated visitor. Knowing who is an active user is a vital component of automated tracking.

Likewise, knowing the users who have low engagement can help anticipate churn and work around it. According to Salesforce, nearly 73% of leads are not sales ready. It’s important to focus on the most active visitors, who would be the best bet to complete a sale.

All in all, automated lead tracking is going to help you manage the quality of your leads, improve your marketing efforts, and narrow the scope of your sales team’s efforts. The right software will make for a more proactive business as opposed to reactive. To learn how Yardi Kube can help your sales, click the link below.