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The Importance of Meeting Room Software


When it comes to unnecessarily time-consuming tasks, meeting scheduling is probably quite high on the list for most anyone in an office. But the importance of meeting room software lies beyond its time-saving capabilities. In a fast paced, crowded, and evolving market such as Coworking and shared space, its critical to use the right meeting room software for your members.


One of the main reasons for replacing manual booking is the accuracy and precision in which automated software provides. No longer will you double book your meeting room, overlap schedules, or have it unused for a long period of time if you can avoid it. When you give visibility to the meeting room schedule to all the members, it impacts how well they can plan out their tasks, and better prepare for conferences.

Visitor Management

When you book a room for a meeting involving visitors, it’s imperative to expedite their check in process, as it provides a great impression of your business. Even beyond just checking in, meeting room software can provide alerts for guests’ arrival as well as creating name tags for them. Overall, it eliminates several tasks once done manually and enhances the speed in which the meeting can begin.

Gives Members Scheduling Ability

Meeting room software also takes the scheduling responsibilities out of one person’s hands and gives any user (with permission) the ability to create a meeting, view time slots, and book a room. For repeated meetings, such as weekly team calls, it’s also easy to schedule a recurring time slot. It also allows for participants in the meeting to accept, decline, or propose a change to the invitation.

Door Access Integration              

Instead of using a traditional key lock, members can access rooms via keyless door access using software such as Kisi. This not only eliminates the usage of physical keys, but also eliminates the need for someone to be on top of whether the room is locked or unlocked. Seamlessly scan into the room when you walk in, and the door locks when you exit.

The importance of meeting room software can’t be overstated. It will help project your shared space forward technologically, as well as portray a more professional image to both visitors and members. It saves time and resources, and eliminates paperwork. To find out how software from WUN can help your shared space, please click the link below.