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What is Hotdesking and How Can it Help Me?


What Is Hotdesking?

The modern workspace is all about flexibility, ease of access, work on-the-go mentality. This is where hotdesking comes into play.

What is hotdesking? Quite simply, it’s the idea that you should be able to work from anywhere.

Hotdesking involves not having a set desk, but rather using an available space for a set period of time. The Coworking industry and Hotdesking go hand in hand.

Companies as big as the BBC, and as small as a one-man entrepreneur, are using hotdesking to their advantage.

The Benefits of Hotdesking


From a membership perspective, hotdesking offers the ultimate flexibility. You can choose to work for a day, a week, a month, or longer term.

Its ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and startups. Once you select an open seat, you’re ready to work.

And with this flexibility, you’re able to take advantage of social and home lives with much more ease than standard business hours can provide.


One of the main benefits of hotdesking is the relationships it allows you to build.

By communicating with different people on a daily basis, you build bonds across different fields of work, and naturally meet new people who can be beneficial to your career, or vice versa.

It broadens your knowledge and you learn new skills, which ideally will be practical for your business.

Cost Savings

The cost saving benefit to hotdesking is true from both the member and the operator perspective.

For the member, you can choose to not pay for more time than you need at a desk, and you have all the benefits of a Coworking space such as printing, wifi, etc.

And on the flip side, hot desking allows businesses to significantly reduce wasted space.

It reduces equipment costs, and maximizes profit.


Sometimes it’s a matter of aesthetics, and sometimes it’s a big help to clear unneeded distractions.

However you want to look at it, hotdesking does help declutter a workspace. Since the spaces are for general use, its important members become more organized and focused on their work.

Some shared spaces provide the benefit of storage space, but removing non-essential items from the desktop is vital for hotdesking. With today’s dependency on electronics and technology, many traditional office supplies may not even be missed much at all.

Hotdesking is growing in popularity right along with the exponential growth in the Coworking industry.

Because today’s workplace demands often require us not to sit at our desk day in and day out, the Hotdesking benefits should be fixed in the industry.

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