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WUN Step Above: The 2017 Initiative


Last week here at Yardi Kube, we mentioned “the better is yet to come.” This is our goal for 2017, to make excellence for the evolving workspaces of the world. Last week we outlined a few new features within our technology that we felt would empower the Coworking spaces and flexible offices that are currently with Yardi Kube. However, that’s only a fraction of what we’re setting out to do and the last time we checked the name of our company is not HALF Systems, but rather Yardi Kube. We pride ourselves on full service, after all isn’t that what you’d expect from a company offering complete end-to-end solutions for workspace management? Here is the plan for putting our best foot forward for 2017.

Evolving with the Workspace Community

Coworking is growing. With new ideas for innovation, the rise of freelance labor and the “gig” economy, as well as new industries joining the fray, you can expect to see more new faces in the same, smarter, workspaces. According to our friends at Deskmag, the average number of members per space roughly doubled over the past two years and the number of spaces worldwide is projected to increase to 12,700 by next year. Other studies have projected that number to multiply even further in the coming years. To account for this we’re hitting the road to travel for more events, connect with more workspace operators as well as companies in the startup community. This also includes more webinars, presentations, and opportunities to showcase our excellence.


A “Smarter” Footprint.

To continue improving and growing as a company, we need to stay “WUN Step Above” today’s technology. As you may know, we redesigned our end user experience based on the feedback received from our clients. However, we’ll continue to stay connected to find other ways in which we can improve our technology. This will be based on further feedback, alongside insights within the industry from our team of geniuses. To help our customers with further changes, we will continue offering training and classes to help master the experience provided by Yardi Kube.

Next Level Customer Service

Socrates once said, “There’s no greater purpose than service to others.” Oh no, not the Ancient Greek guy that walked the streets barefoot and taught Plato, we’re referring to the Socrates from Peaceful Warrior. You know, the old man in the gas station played by Nick Nolte. Disambiguation aside, we’re continuing to build off our advancements in customer service. You may remember last year that we streamlined client communication and expanded our customer service platform. We’ll be looking into more ways to connect our clients and engineers to make our experience the best we can make it.
This year will be a challenge for us, but that’s only because we’re proud of our industry, the clients we serve, and all the companies seeking “the next big idea.” We want to make sure that as a brand and industry leader, we go the extra mile. WUN day, WUN workspace at a time.