The Value of Reliable Internet In The Workspace


In the anatomy of a healthy Coworking space, the internet is literally the oxygen. It’s the most important component to have to maintain optimal function, ensure member retention, and provide for the specific needs of all your members. In Coworking reliable internet goes as far as your workspace culture will go. The value of having it in your workspace is that it provides an essential service for enabling collaboration and communication, it keeps your members ahead of the curve, and it can serve various needs when dealing with members from different businesses and industries.

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Enabling Collaboration and Communication

The expansion of cloud services, as well as shared documents, created an unprecedented advancement in working together. Now with open spaces in Coworking, innovation is growing as companies and entrepreneurs continue to show the desire to come together. Reliable internet enables that by keeping everyone connected through messaging services as well as a community management software installed through the workspace. With quick internet, users can look up other members through the convenience of a member directory. Best of all, through a workspace management platform, your information synchronizes in real time allowing for everyone to stay on the same page.


Increase Member Retention

Unreliable or outdated internet is one of the biggest mistakes you can make to the operation of your Coworking space. If you don’t continue to upgrade your internet, you will be subject to increasing inefficiency when compared to other business centers within your area. You will not only disconnect your members but millennials who can manage devices and applications with a high demand of efficiency. The millennial workforce sees the speed of the internet and technology within the workspace as their chief component to them achieving productivity in the workspace. If another place by yours has quicker internet, they will see it as an opportunity to expand and do more with their work.

Meeting The Needs of Your Members

When connecting through your workspace, varying members and businesses have different needs that must be met for them to stay in operation. Whereas startups prefer open spaces and wi-fi, established businesses need hard-wired cable for bandwidth and security reasons. Wi-fi must also be constantly updated with several access points throughout the area as various environmental factors such as the people within an open space, furniture, and even the materials between the walls can affect signal. Some companies are also in need of extra security, such as providing different private servers to connect to. With reliable internet services you can provide for the specific bandwidth and security needs of various members to ensure everyone has their desired accessibility and optimal security.


The value of reliable internet in a shared workspace cannot be understated enough. Especially in areas where innovation and collaboration is relied upon. With reliable internet you can craft the best solution for keeping your members connected, boost your member retention, and meet the varying needs of all your members. For more information on how WUN can streamline the internet service of your workspace, please click the button below.