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How You Can Make Your Flexible Workspace Stand Out from the Rest


Operating a Coworking or Flexible Workspace affords you with the opportunity to truly make the most of your space. Not just in terms of converting space that would be unused in a traditional setting, but using the design and functionality of your space to express your brand value and messages. Specialization is critical to overcoming your competitors and championing a strong community of members with high morale and retention. Regardless of your targeted audience, industry, or demographics, there are several practices you can apply to stand out above the rest. The best practices for making your flexible workspace stand out include using your space, utilizing your services, as well as leveraging your location. Here is a quick overview of how you can apply them to your benefit.


Using Your Space

The first step to using your space to stand out is to first look at the surface and ask yourself, “does this represent my mission and values?” Then ask yourself, “does this represent the ambitions and goals of my members?” Consider the décor, the design of the space, as well as the colors and kitchen layout and see if you get inspired. One great idea is to seek input from other members, especially ones who can provide artistic services. If you can combine your branding with the local artist that are a part of your community, you’ve just developed a new level of chemistry within your workspace.

The other plan for using your space is to consider your infrastructure. Consult with workspace technology and connectivity experts about having the best in wi-fi service and cabled internet services. Another advantageous measure is to install a workspace management solution that can provide smart keyless door access, instant meeting room booking services, and other amenities available through the convenience of a mobile application. If you can stay high-tech with reliable, cutting-edge, technology your space will stand out in both design and function.


Using Your Services

While it’s important to put customer service first, there’s a different approach to doing it. While traditionally customer service has been more clerical, whereas you wouldn’t be getting too involved with your members, taking a personal stake in the success of those who work in your space is what is taking Coworking to the next level. Making your staff social with your members, taking a personal stake in their success will pay dividends in terms of member retention.

If you can build a customer-centric culture with a focus on hospitality, you can transform a place of work to a place of belonging. If you think about it like social media, when you have an engaged community that works together in your workspace: the message spreads. It’s been shown through recent studies that word of mouth or community-based leads convert higher with longer lasting memberships than any other source. A workspace with a focus on higher-quality, personalized services tends to convert better than spaces that focus on lower price points.


Using Your Location

If you can understand the lay of the land, you can gain a strong strategic advantage in knowing what you can provide for your audience. By having places nearby for food, recreation, activities for the family, etc. you can keep your workspace in the center of attention. Take it a step further by getting to know the interests of your members as well as their needs. According to our ebook, The Cost of Coworking, Liz Elam believes in finding collaborating with neighboring business for special promotions and events. As Liz Elam explains, “What can you do to make their lives better.”

By applying these three principles, with your creativity, you can conceive an experience that sells itself to your target audience. Once the right tools are in place, the word will spread. It’s important to leverage yourself using your space, service, and your location to truly make the most of your experience and your operation. For more information on how WUN can make your flexible workspace stand out from the rest, please click the button below.