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There’s A Reason Why Workspaces Use IWMS: Here They Are


Integration towards a smarter workspace extends beyond automation and making your workspace more efficient. Through an integrated workspace management system (IWMS), you can have all your systems in place for customer management, conference room booking, invoicing, and internet and voice usage. Workplaces that are better interconnected already have their sights set on the future, with more time and resources dedicated toward fine-tuning their strategy toward coming closer to achieving their mission. Here are the main reasons why Workplaces are using IWMS.

It Prevents Your Technology from Becoming Entangled

You can have all the innovative applications and solutions for virtually every operational process, if the software isn’t interconnected then you are not working efficiently. While technology can simplify the execution of operational tasks, having to round the corners to bring these tasks together is time-consuming. If you’re managing a large with space with a substantial member base, the lack of integration could make your operation counter-productive towards achieving growth and efficiency. The convenience of having a single platform saves time and significantly cuts the chance of human error. Without entanglement, you and your staff become much better suited to think ahead on managing space, assets, as well as strategic planning.

It Becomes Scalable to Your Growth

If you’re running without an integrative technological solution, every time you open a new space it’s back to the old drawing board for that location. This can harm your operation in two ways: First, you will have a disparity in the operational practices of each individual workspace, significantly impacting the growth and profitability of every location. Second, there will be no solution in place for having members move around your multiple locations. IWMS tools keeps all data of members organized in real time so that data and analytics can run through one source regardless of the amount of locations. With more accurate data and visibility of all your facilities, you can strategically plan the growth of your space in the most profitable way possible.


It Empowers Your Staff

By working smarter, your staff will enjoy working on bigger-picture projects instead of the tedious repetition of entering manual data across various channels. An IWMS also provides for more effective communication, which does wonders for building community. As community is a rising trend in the shared workspace industry, with more cases of successful community managers significantly improving the productivity and profitability of spaces, streamlined communication can help increase the reach of community building and bring more people together. Through integration you can make collaboration between the space and members all the more easier by already providing a streamlined path for bringing various solutions together. For more information on empowering your staff, please check out our ebook, Overcoming Operational Challenges in Coworking.


Integration of your workspace technology encompasses all the vital processes associated with customer service, real time reporting, billing and invoicing, as well as member management. Without it, you and your staff will struggle to meet the needs of members. Integration from an IWMS instantly makes you and your staff more strategic, empowered, and better connected to the daily and long-term demands. Once balanced and connected, you can exceed your objectives and find the extra time and resources needed to expand your workspace.

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