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Top 5 Ways to Gain Revenue from Your Coworking Space 


Coworking spaces have become a popular choice for freelancers, startups and even established businesses looking for flexible and affordable office solutions. As the demand for coworking spaces grows, so does the opportunity to generate significant revenue. Here are the top five ways to maximize your earnings from your coworking space: 

Membership Plans 

One of the most straightforward ways to generate revenue from your coworking space is through various membership plans. Offering tiered membership options can attract a wide range of clients with different needs and budgets. Basic memberships can provide access to shared workspaces and basic amenities, while premium memberships can include private offices, dedicated desks and additional perks like access to conference rooms, printing services and premium internet speeds. By offering flexibility and a range of options, you can cater to freelancers, small teams and larger businesses, ensuring a steady stream of income. 


Event Hosting 

Coworking locations often have versatile spaces that can be utilized for events. Renting out your space for events such as workshops, seminars, networking events and corporate meetings can be a significant revenue stream. To maximize this, ensure your space is equipped with the necessary facilities, such as audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating and catering options. Marketing your coworking space as an event venue can attract local businesses and organizations looking for a professional setting to host their events, thus providing an additional source of income. 

Ancillary Services 

Offering additional services beyond just the workspace can significantly boost your revenue. Consider providing services such as printing and scanning, mail handling, virtual office services, administrative support and IT assistance. These ancillary services can be offered on a pay-per-use basis or included in premium membership packages. By catering to the diverse needs of your members, you can enhance their experience and increase their willingness to pay for these added conveniences. 

Partnerships and Sponsorships 

Forming partnerships with local businesses and service providers can open new revenue streams. For instance, you could partner with a nearby gym, café or restaurant to offer your members exclusive discounts. In return, these businesses might pay you a referral fee or a percentage of the revenue generated through your members. Additionally, you can seek sponsorship opportunities from companies looking to market their products or services to your coworking community. Sponsors might be interested in sponsoring events, amenities or even specific areas within your space in exchange for brand visibility and access to your members. 


Flexible Use of Space 

Maximizing the use of your coworking space through flexible arrangements can also lead to increased revenue. During off-peak hours, consider renting out your space to other businesses or individuals who need a temporary workspace or meeting room. You can also offer short-term leases or day passes for those who do not need a long-term commitment. By ensuring your space is always used to its fullest potential, you can generate income even when regular members are not present. 


The success of a coworking space hinges not only on providing a welcoming and functional workspace but also on diversifying revenue streams. By implementing a variety of membership plans, hosting events, offering ancillary services, forming strategic partnerships and ensuring flexible use of space, you can significantly enhance the profitability of your coworking space. These strategies will not only attract a broad spectrum of clients but also foster a vibrant community, ensuring sustained growth and success. To find out how Yardi Kube coworking software can help you gain revenue from your coworking space, click below to schedule a demo.