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Social Media Tips for your Coworking Space


In today’s world of social media, connecting with members, prospects, guests, and anyone involved in Coworking as a whole, can be done faster than ever. There are countless apps available for you to promote your space as well as engage and build community within it. Let’s take a look at some social media tips for Coworking and shared spaces.

Don’t just promote things about your space

This is a key component of successful social media marketing, and it doesn’t really seem productive on first glance. There are several reasons why this is effective.

First of all, the more you talk about how great your space is, the less people will want to take the time to check out post after post. It gets annoying. Also, consider that there are many other unique and thriving spaces. Potential members get fed information like this all day every day.

The biggest reason why people will actually click on a tweet or like a post, is because of quality content. Good content prevails over everything, in every social media platform. So whether you post a great blog, or repost a picture taken by a member, or share tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses, your followers will be more likely to stick around and actually remember who posted that content.

Use each platform differently

Instagram is wildly popular among roughly the same demographics that you’d likely be targeting for your space. Use it as your visual method of communicating. Here’s where you’ll post most often about your physical location. Include some glamour shots, but also pictures from members and guests. Promote upcoming events, and then post during those events, whether its post work hours or maybe a team building lunch during the day.

Facebook, although not as popular as it was several years ago, still holds value. One of its biggest assets is the groups feature. Join as many of these groups as you can, whether its GCUC, GWA, a niche group that ties into your space in particular, etc. Post newsy items in these groups, and you’ll notice how often you get feedback from other operators.

Twitter has its niche as well. You’ll notice it blends some of the interaction of facebook groups with some of the visual means that IG provides. You can post blogs, testimonials, tag other spaces and of course follow your own members and prospects. There are other platforms like Slack, for example, which is a much more informal virtual hangout to just have conversations with groups.

Paid advertising/posting

If your budget allows for it, use the promoted features on all these apps to drive business. The pricing is relatively inexpensive and can yield great visibility. Focus the ads on local areas and feel free to promote various aspects of your space, like group pics showing community, for example.

Or you could push when you have any sort of new design or decor inside the space. Those types of promoted posts usually do very well. From my experience, for the most part, the reach on a post thats promoted for 24 hours tends to be about 10-20x more than just posting to your followers/friends.

Live streams

Although not overly important, going live on Instagram (and to a lesser degree, Facebook) can have its benefits. For example, if you or any of your members are at a conference, or an event, or hosting guests at the space, it could be a good time to go live for a little while.

Be the judge of whether that strategy works or not. You will be able to see how many people and who specifically are watching your feed, and how many interactions you’re getting in real time. If it’s successful, great. Repeat again soon!


Share posts. Retweet posts. Like and comment on anything relevant to Coworking. Doesn’t matter what app you’re using. The most effective way to gain followers, build a reputation, and increase visibility to your target audience, is to interact constantly. Positively reinforce your peers.

Don’t put any sort of limitations on liking competitors posts. Not only will you be creating a more positive relationship, but the vast majority of members don’t necessarily switch space to space often. So the concept of a rivalry among spaces in a given market is overstated.

The best Coworking and shared spaces not only have a strong social media presence, but have members who actively tag and promote the space they love as well. Encourage your members to do so on all their personal accounts.

Those are some of the biggest tips for social media success for your Coworking space. To find out how Yardi Kube is the perfect platform to maximize your efficiency and productivity, please click the link below.