Future of Work: How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Coworking and Shared Spaces


One of the biggest assets of Coworking is that it attracts new cutting-edge ideas for transforming a workspace. These beautiful, high tech locations are at today’s forefront for innovation, entrepreneurship, and new passions being put into solutions.

Coworking spaces have helped tread along new advancements in the technological age. It’s undeniable that the future of Coworking is tied with that of artificial intelligence. The advantages are clear, with improved processing of manual tasks, more access toward building community, and enhancing collaboration within the workspace.

How AI is impacting the Future of Work


AI future of work

Enhancing Work by Humans, Not Replacing

The reality is that artificial intelligence cannot fully replace people. This is especially true in the world of Coworking, which features countless innovation-driven projects. If there is an increasing demand for creativity within the workspace, a human will need to fill the position.

However, what Artificial Intelligence can do is enhance skill-related labor and quicken the manual processing of tasks critical to the management of the space. AI can automate certain office functions like lighting, heating/cooling, among others. Of course, this enhances the overall member experience.

A Marriage Between Automation and Community

Automation is beneficial in reducing the number of tasks associated with workspace management. This helps to reduce labor costs as well as overhead. In doing so, this helps the workspace funnel its resources toward creating more progressive job roles and processes. Whats more, artificial intelligence provides avenues for team collaboration and bringing people together.

Management software is in high demand for the way in which it brings people together, helps in performing critical tasks and drives the future of work. Already in 2016, a Gartner survey showed that 43% of enterprises and organizations had adopted the Internet of Things. We can only assume that number has grown steadily since then.

According to an interview by AllWork about automation within one of the leading communities in Artificial Intelligence, RobotX Space, “At the very centre of its ethos is not a cold, mechanical heart – but a vibrant and global community that keeps the cogs turning on the world’s AI and robotics startups. The space depends on the very human connections and expertise in this sector. And RobotX Space works tirelessly to foster and grow this community.”

The Path for Future Collaboration

artificial intelligence in the work place

One of the biggest trends in millennials in the workforce is that they are simply steering away from jobs that do not provide enough technology-based interaction daily. According to a Dell and Intel study, 42% said they would be willing to actually leave their current position, and 80% said technology was a deciding factor to even consider a job.

The new trend in artificial intelligence is learning algorithms that streamline workflows and processes. The idea is to create easier avenues for collaboration while making technologies more conversational. These conversational advancements have transformed the way we process data, content, and applications.

The focus is now on making it easier for end users to manage multiple applications, processes, and departments through the most seamless bridge possible. It’s becoming more and more critical for a workspace management platform to continue advancing itself with the times. Coworking Management Software like Yardi Kube makes it easier for Coworking and shared spaces to function.

Whether with humans or through digital assistants, such as Siri, Google, and Cortana, finding better ways to work together is the new digital mantra. And sometimes those ‘assistants’ can nearly be as human as some of us! (Kind of, I think)

Enhanced collaboration is a huge benefit of a shared workspace. As long as community, ground-breaking ideas, and creativity remain at the forefront of technological Coworking, Artificial Intelligence will serve to enhance this experience.

By improving workflows, processing of tasks, and keeping people together instead of replacing them, it’s exciting to see what new advances in collaboration we will see next for the future of work.