Door Access Control for Shared Spaces with Yardi Kube


Door Access opens new opportunities for your flexible workspace. By providing a convenient way for your members to access your space, you can provide a solution that is cost-efficient, better connected to your infrastructure, and easier to manage. Door Access makes it easier to manage the utilization of your space while providing for the security needs of the businesses that operate under your roof, further enhancing the member experience and ensuring trust within the workspace.

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More Ease of Use For Members and Guests

The immediate benefit to providing 24/7 keyless entry for your flexible workspace resides in making the management process easier for your staff. Thanks to new technological breakthroughs you can assign instant remote access to your members, eliminating the need for manually having to log when members check in and check out. Furthermore, with Yardi Kube you can streamline the process and eliminate having extra staff on hand to handle critical processes. Furthermore, you can keep your spaces available to be booked for after hour sessions—with less demand on your staff. This way you can keep your resources lean while taking advantage of more revenue opportunities.

Instant Integration Towards a Smarter Workspace

As soon as a member enters the workspace, they are immediately connected to Yardi Kube upon arrival. Staying open after hours is a significant benefit to your members for building community and increasing the revenue to your workspace. Yardi Kube can track the utilization of your space and updating the information in real time. As an operator, you will be provided with instant and accurate analytics and insights. Using this information you can make strategic decisions for improving your workspace.

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Cost Efficiency

Keyless entry opens your space to several new opportunities. The first one is that it makes your space competitive toward others that may not offer their members access to the workspace around the clock. Through Yardi Kube all data from door access synchronizes with the entire platform. This can work wonders for your staff management and gaining insights into how your workspace is occupied. It doesn’t limit itself to just one workspace either, by having one central operation you can grant access and track usage for different members, companies, and spaces and bill through a single source. This saves significant time in having to chase the information from one place to another.

Through efficiency, ease-of-use, and seamless connectivity, Yardi Kube makes 24/7 Keyless Entry a powerful asset in revenue and productivity. To learn more about the benefits of 24/7 Keyless Entry and the advantages it brings to the workspace. Please click the button below to contact one of our consultants.