Real Time Reporting for Coworking and Shared Spaces


Real-time reporting and analytics goes beyond accuracy, automation, and organization, it’s an important ally to the growth and sustainability of your workspace. Not only does it keep your workspace organized in terms of leads, opportunities, and tracking the usage of each and every member, The WUN Platform is more than capable of helping you identify trends to ensure your workspace is optimized for revenue and growth. Real Time Reporting and Analytics can provide you with the insights and tools to pre-emptively meet member demands, leverage your space as a service greater profitability, and provide a deeper connection to your community.

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Don’t Just Meet Demand, Beat It to The Punch

Through the WUN Platform, you can review real-time data and insights into how your space is being utilized. While it’s great to use these insights to react to trends found in the reports, you can also use this real time data to forecast these changes as they come. By understanding the features of the WUN Platform you can seamlessly create situational awareness to ensure going above and beyond the challenges toward creating a thriving workspace. You can also this data to make changes based on the member behavior throughout certain times of the year. If your members function differently on a seasonal basis, you can call audibles on your plan to ensure the best options for your members and your resources.

Beyond Space. Beyond Statistics.

Ensuring the growth of your workspace goes beyond cost savings and efficiency, it’s about becoming adaptive to changes in market and customer dynamics. Not only can you save time on book-keeping your operational activities, you can keep your eyes on the bigger picture to see how to improve the overall operational process. Utilizing these features within the WUN platform, you can find what additions you can make to your space, such as finding ways to implement new designs, membership packages, and other changes specific to best serving your members. You can also use the data found in your payment processing to pain a bigger picture as well. This is beneficial to applying new Coworking business models within your workspace, testing to ensure effectiveness at every step.

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A Better Connection with Your Community.

It would seem to some that too much automation could get in the way of building a community through personal connections. On the surface, high-end technology infrastructures could obstruct the deeper connections found within a service that is face-to-face between members and staff. To some operators, the thought of automation of data and book-keeping instantly paints a SkyNet scenario in the mind, pitting man against machine in the ultimate challenge for survival. At Yardi Kube, it’s exactly the opposite. We designed the framework of our award-winning platform to champion community, helping to improve the personal connection between members, staff, and operators.

Real-time analytics and reporting doesn’t blind the operator from the community, it enhances their ability to focus on providing a better experience for all. The WUN Platform is equipped with various data discovery tools and analytic capabilities designed to create new opportunities for social engagement, collaboration, and business integration. Through the features of the WUN Platform, you can record data and track usage through various memberships. In other words, “too many cooks won’t spoil the broth.”

Through real time insights, the WUN Platform allows operators to forecast changes and trends in the operation of their workspace. It also allows for operators to test new models within the workspace to be more adaptive toward operational complexities and finding new ways to be more profitable. It also goes the extra mile to bring users of various companies, and membership options together on various projects through which they can collaborate with little complication. This is why it’s one of the key features needed to construct a smarter workspace that enhances the way in which we work together.