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What Is a Coworking Space & What Are the Benefits?


It’s easy to get confused regarding what a Coworking space is and is not. Primarily, Coworking is not a workspace model relegated toward technology or catered toward startups. It operates under no industry and can serve a business of any size. Coworking spaces are opening across the globe and have become a worldwide phenomenon housing opportunity that are becoming continuously lucrative by the day.

Coworking spaces can predominantly have open spaces or private offices. There can be spaces for collaboration and art as well as rooms for conference room meetings. What defines a workspace as a Coworking space are a series of qualities that afford members and operators with a series of qualities that promote flexibility, connectivity, and openness as a healthy contrast to the traditional office space.


An Open and Disruptive Concept to The Shared Office

Coworking spaces provide instant networking opportunities. Within the space you can see increased camaraderie, engagement among different businesses, as well as different members—whether employees, entrepreneurs, owners, or freelancers working inn open comfort throughout various areas of the space. In a Coworking space chance encounters happen every day in ways that are difficult to emulate in a traditional office setting. Often, it’s easy to forget that you’re even working.


A Collaborative Community

You will always find an interesting and eclectic collection of minds within the workspace. These types are often the ones who can transform the culture of the office and make it even more of a place where people want to work. Best of all, these members are usually as opportunistic as you are. Combined with today’s economic trends—a millennial workforce and the rise of freelancers—you’ll find people willing to work with you, sometimes in a quid pro quo manner where services are exchanged as a form of payments. Coworking environments are excellent for breaking the barriers toward achieving high levels of collaboration amongst all members.

Unparalleled Flexibility

When it comes to where you sit, having private office space, conference room reservation, among other components of your membership, you are afforded all the services within a Coworking space on a monthly commitment. This afford startups that can only see the short term with great flexibility to keep their overhead lean. Coworking spaces can ease the stress of starting a new business or venture with access toward valuable resources that would normally be more difficult to have in a different kind of workspace.


These three qualities are the chief components to what defines a Coworking space. If you value flexibility, innovation, as well to avoid isolation, a Coworking space is idea for you and your growth. For more information on how WUN can help streamline the services of your Coworking space for greater collaboration and flexibility, please click the button below.